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5 Tips to Help Your Resume Stand Out Among the Rest

With many states declaring a fell-fledged economic recession and others soon to follow, competition in the job market is becoming increasingly fiercer as the days go by. With so many people vying for the same position, you must do everything in your power to get the edge on your competition.

Your resume, along with a well-stated cover letter, is the first thing a prospective employer sees when considering you for a position. Most of the time, a very brief amount of time is spent reading resumes, so you must stand out in your prospective employer’s mind right away or you won’t even make it to the interviewing stage. Read the following list of tips carefully and do your best to make your resume stand out among the rest.

Use a unique design and style.

Are you using Microsoft Word to create your resume? Most of your competition is probably using it as well. Templates can be helpful tool that get you started or give you a format to work with, but don’t rely on them completely. It is very likely that if you decide to use a template, your resume will look like many others and get lost in the shuffle. Make yours stand out, get creative with fonts and sizing of letters, but don’t go over board. Make a layout that enhances your image.

Prioritize your information.
Chronological resumes are preferable, but not always applicable to everyone’s unique situation. Consider listing the most relevant information related to the job you seek first. Remember, the more time the employer spends looking through your resume to see if you are actually qualified, the more rapidly he or she loses interest.

Learn the buzz words for the job and use them.
This shows that you have done your homework and that you are savvy in matters related to the job you seek. Make sure to infuse your resume with industry-standard lingo and buzz words—but make sure you are using them correctly. This applies to the way you decide to spin your work history as well. Use descriptive titles that reveal what kind of work you did rather than dulled-down titles, for example: instead of Sales Manager, Manager of Sales and New Business Acquisition. You get the point.

Share Your Accomplishments.
Without bragging, you must inform your potential employer of any and all pertinent successes you have had in your education or career. Success in the past will more than likely be repeated, and if your resume is one success story after another, you will certainly stand out from the crowd.

Eliminate Unnecessary Information.

Remember, you have a very brief amount of time to communicate your abilities to your potential employer, so don’t waste their time with extraneous information. Eliminating information that doesn’t relate to the position you seek will give your resume a streamlined feel and ultimately make it easier to read and skim through. Emphasizing your strengths early will be what helps you stand out, not your ability to be long winded.

This post was contributed by Kelly Kilpatrick, who writes on the subject of photography jobs. She invites your feedback at kellykilpatrick24 at gmail dot com. Kelly Kilpatrick writes regulary for the Career Overview Website. The website provides career professionals, job seekers and students with resources to make more informed career choices by providing them with relevant, reliable and up-to-date career and job information.

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