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Blog: Why Your LinkedIn Job Search is Failing

A great blog entry from The Simple Job Search about how to best utilize your LinkedIn profile. (Not on LinkedIn? Join TODAY!)

Note that I actually pulled this from the UM Career Center's website. They have a lot of great article links on their website, a new feature. It's great -- check it out!

Why Your LinkedIn Job Search is Failing
By Kevin Donlin | February 26th, 2009

Lots of folks are using LinkedIn to look for a job these days.

And lots of folks are failing.


Here’s the answer, short and sweet, from a blog posting by Dan Schwabel:

The problem is that most job seekers don’t optimize their profile, cultivate their network, join and participate in groups, use applications and exchange endorsements. That is basically everything you should be doing in a nutshell.

Let’s break those LinkedIn essentials down, in checklist format …

( ) Optimize your profile. It should be chock full of keywords that represent the job title you want, your skills, and any other words that will help your name pop up when hiring managers and recruiters search on LinkedIn.

Tip: Pretend you’re a recruiter, looking for someone who does what you do. Search LinkedIn. Did your profile pop up on the first page of search results? If not, which profiles did? What keywords are in those profiles? Copy and paste as many into your profile as will fit and apply to you.

( ) Build your network to at least 50 people. You did? Good. Build it to 100 people, then 250.

( ) Join and participate in at least 3 groups. Examples: your university alumni group (duh), industry groups, city/state groups, etc.

( ) Put applications on your profile. They allow you to show off what you’re reading or PowerPoint presentations you’ve created. Very nice. Find applications here.

( ) Exchange recommendations with others. This is ESSENTIAL. Do this now, today! The best way to get good ones is to first give them. Learn how here.

Tip: Just get this recommendation thing done. I recently counseled an unemployed manager who has failed to get a single recommendation on his LinkedIn profile after 6 months of “trying.” He isn’t really trying, of course. But his job search really does suck.

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