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Professional Portfolio Review & Tips

I came across this great resource from a listserv I was reading. I look at this site pretty frequently for job postings, but I've never really explored the other options. If you are a member of IAI, you can get your portfolio reviewed by professionals in the field.

Check this link out for more information. General information below.

Mentoring Program

The Mentoring Program serves to introduce experienced IA professionals ("mentors") to practitioners, newcomers to the field, students, and anyone interested in being mentored ("protégés"). We help by recruiting mentors, providing a listing to prospective mentors for protégés to review, and, if requested, making introductions based on criteria provided during registration.

This program is provided as a service to IAI members only. Mentors do not need to be members, but protégés do. If you are not already a member, you can join the Information Architecture Institute to participate as a protégé.

Anther resource that was offered from this discussion included:
"Designer needed: portfolio required"

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