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Random Thoughts on Twitter and (of course) Job Seaching

I usually like to post articles and things that other people say on this blog, but I've got some questions to ask and some thoughts to share.

Twitter. Do you twitter? I'm twittering... and I don't get it. I even spent some time today signing up to follow different orgs and people that I'm interested in... and I'm still not seeing anything earth-shattering. As a person who likes to keep my inbox and computer desk top *really* neat, I find that having to keep another tab open all day long (in addition to my Pandora tab), I'm feeling cluttered. And then I have to check it, refresh it, skim it... to my disappointment. What am I looking for? Its not as fun as Facebook... I've had students and other people share with me that its a great resource for job searching and for getting informed on industry trends and company happenings, but I've yet to see anything really informative come through.

I did read this really interesting article in Time last weekend (Desperately Trying to Quit Twitter By Lev Grossman) about Twitter and I found that I was envious of the author's experience... I even went so far to look up my favorite authors, but no luck, they don't twitter.

However, I signed up to follow CollegeGrad.com (they emailed me about Twitter) and I've found that they have some good topics to follow.

A few recent entries included:
TheCollegeGradResume and Cover Letters: Do's and Don'ts: http://tinyurl.com/ag93yd

TheCollegeGradN2 Publishing is seeking applicants for its growing advertising entrepreneurship program here: http://tinyurl.com/dylubx

TheCollegeGradFree career assessment will put you on the right career path.: http://tinyurl.com/dfmp27

TheCollegeGrad CollegeGrad recognized as one of the "Top 100 Edu Tweeters" by Online Degree World: http://bit.ly/GshyI

(I also just did see that the new Whole Foods is doing taste tests which is a plus... maybe I am coming around to Twitter!)

So, there is good stuff out there, but you have to looking for the right twitter friend to find it. I'll be adding updates on Twitter Friends to add that are related to job searches. TheCollegeGrad is a good start. The Resume Cover Letters: Do's and Don'ts article is a great start for some really good, basic advice.

If you have thoughts or suggestions on Twitter, send them on. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Posted by kkowatch at March 12, 2009 03:23 PM


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