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Chelsea District Library Secures $25K grant for oral history project

Recent news... if you are interested in this sort of work, this might be a great potential internship!

Chelsea, MI –The Chelsea District Library recently received a grant that will allow it to continue to document the history of the Chelsea community. The project, entitled “Oral History Project: A Vision of Community,” will take a look at members of founding families and original farming families, veterans, employees and owners of local landmark businesses and community leaders in Chelsea. This grant will allow the library to conduct video interviews with hundreds of individuals in order to tell the story of Chelsea.

Previously, the Chelsea District Library partnered with the Chelsea Senior Center to interview more than 200 people who attended one-room schoolhouses and produced the “One-Room Schoolhouse” film, which has aired on public access television. The success of “One Room Schoolhouse” led Bill Harmer, adult services librarian at the Chelsea District Library, to develop this latest project.

“What is significant about these projects is that in many cities, there are other organizations that can sometimes take on this type of role, but in a small town like Chelsea, the library plays many, diverse roles, so it is especially significant for us to be doing this, otherwise the history will be lost,” said Harmer.

Harmer hopes the oral history projects will become a model for other libraries and help them think about how information is distributed throughout communities. He has been asked to speak to his peers at library conferences across the country in order to share his experiences with the “One Room Schoolhouse” project.

“The Chelsea District Library is changing the way people think about libraries. Instead of waiting to receive the content, it is creating the content and preserving information for future generations,” continued Harmer.

Collaboration is vital to the success of this project according to Harmer. This project will bring many organizations and people together to look at the history of Chelsea and visit nostalgic moments critical to the community.

For updates on the oral history project, visit www.chelsea.lib.mi.us. If you have questions about the project, please contact the Chelsea District Library at (734) 475-8732.

The Chelsea Community Foundation is a permanent charitable endowment fund that provides an ongoing source of revenue for qualified and needed programs and activities in the Chelsea community. Founded in December 1995, the Chelsea Community Foundation has a permanent charitable endowment of more than $1.3 million and has awarded more than $930,000 in grants to organizations working to improve the quality of life in Chelsea and surrounding communities. The Chelsea Community Foundation is an affiliate fund of the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan.

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Future Interaction Desigers: Want A Mentor?

From the IxDA website at http://www.ixda.org/discuss.php?post=42798

The IxDA Mentorship volunteer group is ready to formally kickoff the first phase of the mentorship program. This phase is technically and logistically simple; volunteers act as "match makers" to pair potential mentors with those seeking some professional assistance. This is a fluid, amorphous initiative; there is no set program, or set of activities for people to do. Instead, we hope to encourage digital relationship building that can extend into the real world as appropriate.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, or finding a mentor, please fill out the forms listed below. If you are interested in joining the organizational side of this effort, please drop me an email.

I need a mentor!

Please visit http://www.ixda.org/mentee.php and fill out the form as thoroughly as you can. Please note that, while we hope to find mentors for everyone who needs them, there is no guarantee that we will find a perfect match for you. The mentorship initiative starts digitally, through email, but can extend in whatever direction you and your mentor see fit.

I want to be a mentor!
Please visit http://www.ixda.org/mentor.php and fill out the form as thoroughly as you can. An ideal mentor has not only thorough experience and skills, but also the time and patience to dedicate to working with those who are learning a new profession. Please note that, while we hope to find matches for everyone who needs them, there is no guarantee that we will find a perfect match for you. The mentorship initiative starts digitally, through email, but can extend in whatever direction you and your "mentee" see fit.

Jon Kolko

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YDL Seeking a New Trustee

Due to one of our Board Members moving outside of the District, the Ypsilanti District Library is seeking candidates to fill a position on the Board. The position is open to anyone who lives in the Library District (Ypsilanti City, Township, and the portion of Superior Township that is not in the Ann Arbor School District).

A position description and application are available at: http://www.ypsilibrary.org/about/board_of_trustees.shtml

Please consider submitting an application if you are interested, and/or share this message widely. The deadline is July 15.

Suzanne Gray
President, Ypsilanti District Library Board of Trustees

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Updates from Ann Arbor SPARK

Summer Solstice is quickly approaching and with that Michigan's many lakes are warming - much to the delight of beach goers everywhere! With summer's arrival, thoughts of internships and entry-level jobs for Michigan's newest graduates move to fore. This summer, there's an exciting new student resource in place, known as Intern In Michigan! Also, be sure to have your graduates keep watch of small, emerging tech-based companies in Michigan. The best way to learn more about these companies (and to see who's hiring, for what, and where!) is to check out the Services section on the SPARK website at Career Services at Ann Arbor SPARK.

Additional Resources for Students

(1) Intern In Michigan (New Web Portal for College Students!)
Students: Find an internship in your chosen field where you can open the door to your career - Post your profile today. Employers: Find college internship candidates with skills that match your opportunities.
W: InternInMichigan

Internships Help You To:
• Stand out in a competitive job market
• Network and connect with professionals
• Apply classroom learning in the real world
• Explore career options and enhance professional skills
• Build a stronger resume

(2) Save the Date: Nov 6, 2009 - The Michigan Collegiate Job Fair
The MCJF is a state-wide job fair held in spring and fall each year. It is a cost-effective means both for companies who want to recruit qualified graduates for primarily degreed, entry-level positions, and for job seekers who want to broaden their job search and network with hiring employers. Throughout Michigan, no other job fair has attracted as many schools, graduates and companies at one time, in one day as demonstrated in MCJF's history. http://www.mcjf.org/index.php.

(3) Cool, Growing Michigan Companies
These companies are adding jobs in Michigan now and / or over the next 5 years. Be sure to consider them during your job search now or after you graduate. Follow this link to see a list of Cool, Growing Companies in Michigan! Cool, Growing, Michigan Companies

(4) Companies That Hire College Graduates
Are you trying to find a list of growing companies in Michigan that hire college graduates for entry level positions? If yes, please check out this list of almost 200 companies who traditionally look for fresh talent: College Connections in Michigan

(5) Job and Career Fairs - Career Fairs In Michigan

(6) Temporary Employment - A Great Place to Start! - Temp Hire Agencies in Michigan

We're always looking for new ideas and are very open to your suggestions, as we want to help you to provide great, local career options for your students.

Thanks for all of your assistance!

Best regards,

Amy Cell and Mary Salley
Team Talent
Ann Arbor SPARK
Questions / Comments to: Mary@AnnArborUSA.org

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UM-SI Process Redesign Project Opportunity

Do you deal with a process everyday regarding the way information gets passed -- or not passed -- along that frustrates you? Is there an information flow in your organization that could be more effective or efficient if a team analyzed it, identified key issues, and provided a set of recommendations for improvement?

If so, we invite your participation as a client for SI 501, “Contextual Inquiry and Project Management” a 14-week client-based course at the University of Michigan School of Information (http://si.umich.edu/ ). For this course, Master’s students perform an in-depth analysis of a process flow of organizational information use from several perspectives. (The course description and more examples of past SI 501 clients and projects are available at http://www.si.umich.edu/courses/501/ )

Past projects have included:

• The analysis of information flow that occurs between a board of directors and volunteers at a local wildlife care organization from the processing of incoming reports regarding injured mammals on through to the placement and care of the animals

• The review of a health clinic’s telephone queue and voicemail system that would established a formal protocol for routing phone calls and messages from patients, medical specialists, pharmacists, funders, and vendors to appropriate staff

• An examination of how a government agency plans, creates, and disseminates information about current events and projects to regional employees to encourage collaboration and decrease the duplication of effort among employees

• A review of how information flows in a product development organization from the generation of new ideas, through market research, finance, and the actual development of the product

• The study of a public library's process to acquire and weed materials among its three branches

In order to be eligible, your organization must meet the following criteria:

• Have a formal or informal information process already in place, that needs improvement
• Provide 5-10 people that are involved in the process and willing and able to be interviewed by the student team

If you are interested in learning more, please reply by Friday June 12, 2009 and I'll follow up with additional information.

Please feel free to forward this email on to any colleagues, clients, or friends that would be interested in this opportunity.

Ixchel Faniel, Assistant Professor at the School of Information, and her SI 501 instruction team are looking forward to another great semester of client consulting projects, and we hope you will join us!


Kelly Kowatch
University of Michigan School of Information
Career Services and Practical Engagement
(734) 936-8735

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