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Double Entry: LinkedIn Groups and 10 Job Seach Tips

Did you know that there is a School of Information LinkedIn Group? There are over 900 people in this group; these are great contacts for you to connect with, ask pertinent job search questions to and get the in-side scoop from. In fact, I just had a second year student in my office who was asking about UX-Research jobs at EBay, and on LinkedIn we found not one, but three SI alums in the group that she can link to to ask questions to. Very cool, very close!

Which brings me to this interesting article that I wanted to share -- that I received from one of my other LinkedIn Groups (yes, its my alma mater, Michigan State University, a LinkedIn group of over 13,000!) Someone referred to this article -- 10 Quick Job Search Tips: I Bet You Are Missing At Least 3 -- and I pulled it to share with you. Click on the link to read and enjoy and implement -- and note that the author, Curt MacRae, makes many references to the use of LinkedIn in the job search as a valuable tool.

10 Quick Job-Search Tips -- I Bet You're Missing at Least 3

Posted by kkowatch at September 8, 2009 12:13 PM


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