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Follow SI Careers and Others on Twitter

The SI Career Development Office is on Twitter -- we've got 186 followers and we want more! And, we want to hear from you about what you want to see us Twitter about!

Check us out at @si_careers

There are many, many other career oriented Tweeters out there too that you can follow:
1. @LinkedInExpert: As part of a generation that grew up with technology why not use it to find a job? This feed will give you advice on how to make the most of LinkedIn in your job search.
2. @resumeservice: Through this feed you can get some great advice on creating a resume that’s sure to impress.
3. @AlisonDoyle: This tweeter is a job search and career expert who can help give you some much-needed advice on finding the job you want.
4. @careerchatter: Get some free career coaching and advice from this feed.
5. @sweetcareers: Grace Kutney offers some great advice here for college students who are just entering the job market.
6. @EntryLevelJob: This feed will keep you up-to-date on some of the latest job postings for entry level positions.
7. @rockthejob: Check out this feed to learn how social media will impact your job search and the way you’ll work in the modern world.
8. @GradtoGreat: Learn how to take the skills you learned in college and translate them into the job you want through this feed.
9. @leaddawg: Here, college students and their parents will get tips and advice on education and the post-graduation job search process.
10. @buddingup: This feed is all about helping new grads find entry-level positions in the US and Canada.


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