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Are You Aware of How Your Actions Can Affect Others Through Social Media?

Okay, so this title is a bit long, but I wasn't sure how to concisely say what I'm trying to convey in this quick blog post. I'm sure you hear it all the time: "Watch what you put on your Facebook page because employers are watching!" And so on... here at SI, we are all hyper-aware that everyone and anyone can see what we put out there (at least I hope we all are!)

Well, this is leaking into the Twitter-sphere now. We had an employer at SI this week doing mock interviews. He got stood up. (And just let me tell you here that more than one of our employers got stood up for mock interview this fall - this is ridiculously unprofessional and inappropriate! Mock Interviews should be treated like real interviews, because in a way, they are. And now I'll get off my soapbox.)

So, while this employer is here at SI, he Tweets about how he got stood up.

Specifically, he Tweets:

at UMSI to do some mock interviews for my Production Librarian position. First interviewee didn't show; she's not mock getting the mock job. 8:26 AM Nov 17th from Tweetie

The thing here is that he doesn't target the student because they go unnamed, but he does target SI. This is bad for all of us. This is a reflection of our school and says something to other organizations that might want to recruit here. So, please, please, please show up for your mock interview, interviews, and think about your other activities that may reflect the entire SI community.

Posted by kkowatch at November 18, 2009 03:32 PM


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