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SI ASB 2010 Needs Your Books!

I’m sure that you’ve seen the messages about the call for books for the ASB Book Drive already via email, but if not, here’s one more notice.

The SI-ASB Book Sale is December 2 and 3 this year (in the lobby of WH). Over the past two years, we’ve raised a pretty significant amount of money from these sales because of considerable generosity from the SI community. (Last year was especially robust because the Olson’s donated their entire duplicate library to us before they departed to California.)

However, this year, we’re short on books. We have a fraction of what we’ve had in the past. Although I know that this makes Jim quite happy because of storage reasons, it won’t do much for fundraising for the ASB program.

It would be great if everyone could donate just two or three books – that’s all we’re asking. We’ve got a lot of avid readers and researchers here at SI that have great collections of books; if you can just pull out a couple that you know you probably won’t ever look at again, we would love to have them.

I’ve already started to get some books from the SI community, so if you’ve donated, thank you! (I hope that you plan to restock at the sale in two weeks).

Otherwise, you can drop books off to my office (404C) or in the bins at SIN.

If you have questions, please let me know!

Thank you for your consideration,

On behalf of the SI-ASB Fundraising Committee

Posted by kkowatch at November 18, 2009 11:52 AM


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