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Ginsberg Center Workshops for Winter 2010

I recently joined the Ginsberg Center's listserv. There are several great events and opportunities that I wanted to share with you...mainly, these workshops:

Learning from the Community - Workshop Series, Winter '10

People learn a great deal from their involvement in the community, but the learning increases when they are prepared for entering the community, for working with people who are different from themselves, and for critical reflection upon the experience.

This series of workshops is designed to help prepare people for participation in the community and learning from the experience. Sessions will strengthen learning about social identities and interpersonal interactions in culturally diverse communities, and about the community-based organizations and civic agencies in which people participate.

Workshop facilitators will be professionals from area community-based organizations or University staff with areas of specific expertise – and sometimes both together. Sessions will feature a variety of learning activities, including information on successful programs and the lessons learned, small group exercises, and practical step-by-step ways for working in communities.

The series is coordinated by the Ginsberg Center for Community Service and Learning.

Entering and exiting the community
Tuesday, January 26
6:30-8:30 p.m., 1018 Dow, North Campus

"You only enter the community for the first time once." Utilizing an asset-based community development framework, this session will examine ways of establishing relationships with community partners, building trust, understanding styles of communication, and clarifying expectations.

To register for this workshop, visit http://uuis.umich.edu/workshop2/workshopdet.cfm?wid=408

International Volunteering: what you should know before you go
Tuesday, February 9
6:30-8:30 p.m., 4448 East Hall

This workshop will cover a variety of topics surrounding volunteering abroad, such as how to find or create a good program, maintaining strong mutual relationships with the host site, managing language and cultural barriers, and more. Co-sponsored by the International Center and the Career Center.

To register for this workshop, visit http://uuis.umich.edu/workshop2/workshopdet.cfm?wid=409

Social Identity in the Workplace
Tuesday, February 23
6:30-8:30 p.m., 4448 East Hall

This session will examine our individual social identities more deeply and help participants reflect on how these identities, and the privileges associated with them, impact work and relationships within community settings.

To register for this workshop, visit http://uuis.umich.edu/workshop2/workshopdet.cfm?wid=424

Other Upcoming Workshops, To Be Scheduled... (Check the Ginsberg Center's Workshop Listing Page at http://www.ginsberg.umich.edu/newsevents/LearningfromtheCommunityWorkshopSeries.htm)

Reflection in your community based work
Tuesday, February XX
6:30-8:30 p.m., 4448 East Hall

This skill building workshop will prepare participants to use reflection to facilitate the learning in ‘service-learning.’

Grant Writing for Students Working with Non-Profits, Part 2
Tuesday, March
6:30-8:30 p.m., 4448 East Hall

This session will feature the fundamental steps in grant writing with emphasis on working with, not for, nonprofit community based organizations in low-income and other areas.

Marketing your Service and Activism in a Job Search
Tuesday, March 16
6:30-8:30 p.m., North Campus TBA

Working with “at-risk” youth: a conversation
Tuesday, March 23
6:30-8:30 p.m., 4448 East Hall

Communities are increasingly growing more diverse and segments of the population are becoming more isolated and more "at-risk". Through a conversation with Bonnie Billups, Executive Director of Peace Neighborhood Center, learn how to most effectively think about and approach work with youth.

To register for this workshop, visit http://uuis.umich.edu/workshop2/workshopdet.cfm?wid=407

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Ann Arbor Spark: Hot Shots at Melange Networking Event

Hot Shots: Career Connections

Date: Wednesday, January 20, 2010
Time: 5 - 7 p.m.
Location: Melange, 314 S. Main, Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Cost: Free


Companies Planning to Attend and their Open Positions:

Adaptive Materials
Purchasing Agent
Project Engineer
Mechanical Engineer
Software Engineer
Senior CAD Specialist

Web Developer

Business Development Associate
Application Support Engineer I
Services Engineer

Stone Interactive Group
Interactive Designer / Flash Developer
Website Production Assistant
Website Project Manager / Information Architect
Online Marketing Associate

Software Engineer
Sr. Software Architect

Polyergic Informatics, LLC (POLY)
Data Mining, Advanced Analytics & Business Intelligence
Web Systems Design and Development
Software Development
Database Architect
User Experience & Interface Designer


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This Month at The Career Center for Graduate Students January 2010

Welcome to the New Year (and the new decade!). The start of 2010 brings some new things and some traditional activities at The Career Center. Click on the links on the left to learn more about what’s happening at The Career Center.

Winter Career Expo

Our Winter Expo is a great way to network with organizations and continue your job and internship search! We expect 50+ organizations and 1000+ students to participate in the event. Use Expo to:

* Connect with organizations conducting on-campus interviews
* Meet with employers ot discuss full-time positions
* Learn about internship opportunities
* Build networks to expand your job search efforts

Visit Winter Career Expo this year:

January 20
2:00–6:00 p.m., Michigan Union

Learn more about the Expo, including
a list of participating organizations,
from The Career Center’s website.

New Career Center Website

The Career Center officially rolled out its new website in January 2010. Our site is designed to provide helpful information to students at every stage of their academic process, with a new format that we hope will make finding that information easier. As graduate students, consider using our site in a couple different ways:

* The overall site provides information generally useful to all students. Find information here about topics like career- and self-assessment, finding jobs and internships, preparing for your search, and Career Center events.
* We also offer information specific to graduate students. Whether you are a master’s student, or a doctoral student pursuing an academic career or options beyond the tenure track, you’ll find information specific to your situation.

Blogging at The Career Center

The Career Center launched two new blogs this year to support career planning for doctoral students.

* If you are on the academic job market this year, or considering an academic job search in the future, you’ll find lots of information to support your search on the academic job search blog.
* Check out our blog on career options for PhDs if you are considering or pursuing career options beyond the tenure track.

We hope you’ll visit our blogs, and join in the conversation.

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More Funding Resources for International Opportunities

Here’s a list of some of the main international funding opportunities available to U-M students. We (including our graduate peer advisors) may also be able to assist you with strategies for finding internships abroad. Let us know if you have any questions.

Bill Nolting and Kelly Nelson, U-M International Center, icoverseas@umich.edu, tel. 647-2299, http://internationalcenter.umich.edu/swt

Winter 2010 Deadlines for U-M funding sources to support graduate/professional overseas internships, research & study.

See these overview websites:
• International Institute’s Graduate Fellowships page, http://www.ii.umich.edu/ii/funding/gradstud
• For Rackham awards see: http://www.rackham.umich.edu/financial_assistance/
• International Center’s funding site (with tips for writing funding proposals and presentation), http://internationalcenter.umich.edu/swt/work/internfunding.html
• Thursday, Jan. 28, NSEP Boren Graduate Fellowships, http://www.borenawards.org/boren_fellowship
• Monday, Feb. 1, Rackham International Research Awards, http://rackham.helpserve.com/index.php?_m=knowledgebase&_a=viewarticle&kbarticleid=27&nav=0,2
• Monday, Feb. 1, Center for Chinese Studies, http://www.ii.umich.edu/ccs/academics/fellowshipsandgrants
• Monday, Feb. 1, Center for Japanese Studies, http://www.ii.umich.edu/cjs/academics/fundstudents
• Monday, Feb. 1, Foreign Language & Area Studies Fellowships (FLAS), http://www.ii.umich.edu/ii/funding/gradstud (Scroll down for FLAS information)
• Monday, Feb. 1, Foreign Language Enhancement Program (FLEP), http://www.cic.net/Home/Projects/SharedCourses/FLEP/Introduction.aspx
• To be announced in January or February: Nonprofit & Public Management Center’s Self-Directed Internship grants for students in the Schools of Business, Public Policy and Social Work: http://nonprofit.umich.edu/students/fsppssw_internship_support.php
• Monday, Feb. 15, International Internship Individual Fellowships (for all continuing students), 100+ awards annually—check with the I.I. for additional funding sources such as Fulbright-Hays, http://www.ii.umich.edu/ii/funding
• Tuesday, Feb. 16, African Initiative Grant, http://www.umich.edu/~iinet/caas/as/index.html
• Monday, Feb. 22, Ginsberg Center’s Wallenberg Fellowship for Community Service Abroad, http://ginsberg.umich.edu/resources/for_students.html#fellowships
• Monday, March 15, Center for European Studies, http://www.ii.umich.edu/ces-euc/academics/opportunity
• Monday, March 15, Center for Russian & East European Studies, http://www.ii.umich.edu/crees/academics/studentfund
• Monday, March 15, Center for Korean Studies, SeAH-Haiam Arts and Science Scholarship, http://ii.umich.edu/cks/academics/fellowshipsandgrants/seah
• Wednesday, March 17, Center for International & Comparative Studies Research Fellowship, http://www.ii.umich.edu/UMICH/cics/Home/Funding%20Opportunities/Student%20Research%20Fellowships%20CALL%202010.pdf
• Soon to be announced!--TBA: College of Engineering Fellowships for Internships Abroad (for COE students only)-http://www.engin.umich.edu/ipe/workabroad/index.html

Check with other Area Studies Centers in the International Institute for additional funding sources:
• Center for Korean Studies, http://www.ii.umich.edu/cks/academics/fellowshipsandgrants/studentfunding
• Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, http://www.ii.umich.edu/lacs (Click on Academics, Graduate Students, and then Fellowships & Grants)
• Center for Middle Eastern & North African Studies, http://www.ii.umich.edu/cmenas/academics/opportunities
• Center for South Asian Studies, http://www.ii.umich.edu/csas/academics/funding
• Center for Southeast Asian Studies, http://www.ii.umich.edu/cseas/resources/fundopp
• Center for World Performance Studies, http://www.ii.umich.edu/umich/v/index.jsp?vgnextoid=e0c5d177fe282110VgnVCM10000096b1d38dRCRD

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MPowered Career Fair - Mark Your Calendar

Register Now - January 26, 2010 - MPowered Career Fair

Small Companies, Big Opportunities

It's more than a career fair. It is an opportunity to...meet and network with small companies, connect with the U-M community, get hired...

Career Fair: 2 - 6 p.m.
Location: Michigan Union, U-M Central Campus, Ann Arbor

The MPowered Career Fair is designed specifically for small businesses
to connect with University of Michigan students for both full-time and internship opportunities.

Contact Amy Klinke, AmyKlink@Umich.edu to register and for additional information.

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