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Check out the new Global Michigan Portal Website

This week the University launched a new web portal called Global Michigan. This portal will help students more easily access opportunities abroad, and help students from other countries to find their way here. The site also houses a new online magazine, Explore, which showcases the University's global impact and resources. This magazine will highlight the University's global activities and student experiences.

Explore may repurpose articles written for other University publications, or examine new topics. We will strive to include a cross-section of disciplines and geographic areas in each update. Please keep this new venue in mind for your international stories. The editor is Amy Whitesall, and she may be contacted at amy.whitesall@gmail.com

New features will be added regularly, including student blogs and photographs. Eventually we hope to provide links and information about faculty research abroad. Meanwhile, please take a look at the site and enjoy:

Global Michigan, http://www.globalportal.umich.edu

See the Record’s article about Global Michigan: http://www.ur.umich.edu/update/archives/100216/global

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Seeking Funding for A Community Based Media Project?

Have an idea for informing your community?

Submit it to the Knight Community Information Challenge, a matching grant program that helps community and place-based foundations find creative ways to fund media projects that inform and engage residents about pressing issues.

Community Information Challenge

Have an idea? The Community Information Challenge is open through March 8.

The Knight Community Information Challenge is a five-year, $24 million initiative to help place-based foundations find creative ways to use new media and technology to keep residents informed and engaged.

A matching grant program, the challenge is premised on two strongly held beliefs: 1) in a democracy, information is essential for a community to function properly, it is a core community need; 2) since community foundations are formed to meet core community needs, they are logical partners in meeting the information needs of communities.

The challenge is part of Knight Foundation's Media Innovation Initiative, a multi-faceted effort that includes projects to reform national media policy, increase broadband access nationally and transform journalism education, among addressing other issues.

Three Rules

There are three simple rules for this contest: Applicants must be U.S. community or place-based foundations (though community partners are welcome); projects have to meet a local information need; and foundations must match Knight's investment.

For more information on the challenge, read our Frequently Asked Questions.

Applications are short -- Apply Now!

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USAJOBs Redesigned -- Finally!

From the Call to Serve eNews January 2010

USAJOBS Redesign Complete

As of January 23, StudentJobs, VeteransJobs and Senior Executive Services (SES) are no longer individual Web sites, independent of USAJOBS. All of the services and information previously located on these sites can now be found on USAJOBS, which has become the sole government search engine for finding and applying for federal jobs and internships.

To accommodate all of the information previously accessed through one of the four specialized government sites, USAJOBS has completely overhauled its layout and increased its functionality in new, user-friendly ways. Different sections still exist on USAJOBS to address the more specialized needs of students, veterans and Senior Executives; consequently, although more information is housed on this one Web site, job searches and results can still be more personal and refined for applicants.

The shift to a single, uniform Web site stems from a range of usability studies, as well as from extensive feedback from applicants, which was gathered through customer satisfaction surveys and focus groups. The redesigned site will enhance the user experience by:

• Introducing social media and increased personalization;
• Improving site navigation, making it easier to move throughout the site;
• Enhancing the job search tool so applicants can find jobs that better match their skills;
• Streamlining employment information to ensure that guidance is readily accessible; and
• Providing targeted resources for those with special needs (students, executives and individuals with disabilities).

If you previously had an account on StudentJobs, VeteransJobs or SES, there’s no need to panic! If you have already registered with one of these three sites or with USAJOBS, your username and password will remain the same. All information stored in your account, including resumes, search agents and saved jobs will be carried over to the new site.

Click here to see USAJOBS’ new look for yourself!

Below are some other useful resources from Call to Serve that may be of use to you during your federal job/internship search:

Making the Difference: The Partnership's Web site for college students and recent graduates interested in federal employment.
Best Places to Work: Based on feedback from more than 221,000 civil servants, the Partnership has compiled its "Best Places to Work in the Federal Government" rankings of 283 federal agencies and subcomponents.
Where the Jobs Are: Check out a list of federal hiring projections through 2012!
USA.gov: The U.S. government's official web portal. Learn more about federal, state and local agencies on the site's A-Z Agency Index.

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