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Seeking Funding for A Community Based Media Project?

Have an idea for informing your community?

Submit it to the Knight Community Information Challenge, a matching grant program that helps community and place-based foundations find creative ways to fund media projects that inform and engage residents about pressing issues.

Community Information Challenge

Have an idea? The Community Information Challenge is open through March 8.

The Knight Community Information Challenge is a five-year, $24 million initiative to help place-based foundations find creative ways to use new media and technology to keep residents informed and engaged.

A matching grant program, the challenge is premised on two strongly held beliefs: 1) in a democracy, information is essential for a community to function properly, it is a core community need; 2) since community foundations are formed to meet core community needs, they are logical partners in meeting the information needs of communities.

The challenge is part of Knight Foundation's Media Innovation Initiative, a multi-faceted effort that includes projects to reform national media policy, increase broadband access nationally and transform journalism education, among addressing other issues.

Three Rules

There are three simple rules for this contest: Applicants must be U.S. community or place-based foundations (though community partners are welcome); projects have to meet a local information need; and foundations must match Knight's investment.

For more information on the challenge, read our Frequently Asked Questions.

Applications are short -- Apply Now!

Posted by kkowatch at February 19, 2010 11:18 AM


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