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SI Career Development Resume & CV Book Campaign

Need a little extra help in your job or internship search? The Career Development Office is starting a Resume Book Campaign to send resume books to a targeted group of employers in iTrack in less than two weeks. Your resume will be sent to hundreds of employers in our database!

If you want to include your resume in this campaign, YOU MUST ADD IT to the one of the Resume Books In iTrack by Friday, April 9th. You will be able to select which resume book that you would like to include it in by industry-area only.

Please save your resume in the following format: LastName/Specialization/Internship or FT Job.

You must also add an Objective Statement to the top of your resume (since a cover letter will not be included). Keep it short and concise, and indicate if you are looking for an internship or a full-time job. Your objective will also have to be somewhat generic and targeted to industry, rather than a specific job. Including a job title would be okay, but make sure not to limit yourself in this effort.


Objective: To obtain a Summer 2010 internship in the area of User Experience Research

Objective: To obtain a full-time professional Library position in a public or academic library setting

For PhD students who are on the job market now or in the coming year, we will be asking faculty to send the PhD CV books to their contacts at universities and in industry nationwide.

Our staff realize that many of your might want to have your resume reviewed before submitting it. That’s fine, but if we have already reviewed your resume, please just go ahead and submit it. We are happy to review the resumes of students we haven’t seen before. We will be holding office hours next week specifically for short Resume Review Consultations. We will have sign-up sheets available on our doors starting for timeslots from Monday through Friday. The sign-ups will go up on Monday. Please, do not wait until the last minute as we will not be able to review resumes on April 9th in order to meet the deadline.

For help with your resume, please refer to the Resume and Cover Letter Guidebook online http://www.si.umich.edu/careers/docs/SI_Career_Resume_CL_Guide.pdf

For help with your CV, please contact our office for advice, resources and CV samples at si.careers@umich.edu

Resume Submission Instructions:
In order to submit your resume, login to iTrack at http://www.si.umich.edu/careers/students.htm

Upload a resume:
• Click on Documents
• Click on +Add New
• Please save your resume in the following format: LastName/Specialization/Internship or FT Job.

If you have not previously added a resume to iTrack, you may need to wait up to three business days to have your resume approved.
If you have a previously approved resume on iTrack at this time, your resume will be added and accessible immediately.

To add your approved resume to a Resume Book:
• Click on Documents
• Click on the Opt-In Resume Book tab
• To the right of the resume that you want to add to the resume book, click on “Select Resume Books”
• Select the resume book that you would like your resume to be added to by checking the appropriate box
• Click Submit

If you have any questions, contact us at si.careers@umich.edu

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CocoaHeads- iPhone and iPad Jobs Event

The SI Career Development Office is simply forwarding this information on for any students who may be interested. If you have questions about this event or would like more information, please contact Dave Koziol koziol@arbormoon.com.

The Ann Arbor chapter of CocoaHeads, an international group of iPhone and Mac OS Developers will be hosting their next meeting at 7pm on April 8th at SRT Solutions, 206 S. Fifth Avenue, Suite 200, Ann Arbor.

The main topic for the meeting is the iPad. Well we won't have a formal presentation, we will have a few developers who have iPad applications in the store, and Gavin Eadie will lead an open discussion. And of course we'll have a number of iPads on hand.

We'll also be having a mini job fair. UofM, WoodWing, and Nutshell are all looking for iPhone/iPad developers, and a couple of representatives will be on hand to talk about their positions. If you are looking for an iPhone/iPad job, stop by. If you are unable to attend or need to look quietly, feel free to contact me directly and I can make introductions via email.

You can join our local mailing list at , or find current information on our page of the CocoaHeads site at

Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions,

Dave Koziol
Arbormoon Software, Inc.

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This Month at The Career Center - April

This Month at The Career Center for Graduate Students focuses on resources and strategies to help you get a head start on next year's job search. Read how the skills you've developed in graduate school can translate to a range of career choices. Learn about what you can be doing now to start getting ready for the fall academic job market. And visit our page on career fields of interest to graduate students to learn more about your options. See all this and more at This Month at: http://careercenter.umich.edu/students/gradservices/nonacademic/jobsearch.html

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