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Updates to PEP Courses for Fall and Winter Terms

Highlighted below are the changes associated with PEP courses:

TO: MSI Students
FROM: Margaret Hedstrom, Associate Dean for Academic Programs
RE: Important updates on 2010-11 course offerings

Dear MSI Students:
Greetings from SI's new headquarters in North Quad. As we head into the final stretch of summer, we have made a few adjustments in the class offerings for the coming year. We also have approved some new options for what can count for certain degree or specialization requirements.

Here are updates regarding specific courses:

SI 529 eCommunities - offered in fall
Paul Resnick will offer this class in fall term this year rather than in winter.

SI 539 Complex Web Design – seats added for Fall term
We have added some additional seats given student interest; however, remember this course is also offered in winter term.

SI 534 Theories of Social Influence - now counts for management distribution
This course has been approved to count for the management distribution requirement. Students who took the course last year may also count the course for the management distribution.

SI 543 Java – seats added
We have added some additional seats given student interest.

SI 572 Database Design - offered fall without PEP credits and in winter with PEP credits
The popularity of this course had been increasing steadily and really jumped this fall. The course also has a new instructor, Colleen Van Lent, who has received very positive evaluations for teaching SI 543. To accommodate the growing student interest, we have decided to offer SI 572 in winter term as well as in fall term. However, due to the transition to a new instructor, we are not able to offer the PEP component of the course for the fall. Starting in winter, the external projects that justify the PEP credits will be offered again as part of the class. If you are enrolled in this course and need the PEP credits to graduate this fall, you can seek advising from Joanna Kroll or Xiao-Wen Zou to identify an alternative plan.

SI 645 Information Use in Communities - offered winter term
This course will be offered this academic year, after all. Our new faculty member, Joyojeet Pal, will teach the course in winter term.

SI 686 User Generated Content (New title; formerly Public Goods)
This course has a new title, and now counts for the Social Computing specialization in addition to Community Informatics and Information Economics for Management (formerly ICD).

Note that the updated TAP sheets are now available at http://www.si.umich.edu/msi/taps/. Remember that you can follow the new options described above for meeting requirements. The updated TAPS will reflect changes in the terms that courses will be offered as well.

Please check the status of your fall registration. If you signed up for an extra course or two that you no longer intend to take, please drop courses you no longer need to make room for the incoming MSI students who will be registering Wednesday, July 28! If you need to make a change in your schedule, you may want to take care of it soon.

Enjoy the rest of summer and best wishes,

Margaret Hedstrom
Associate Dean for Academic Programs and Professor
School of Information
University of Michigan
4323 North Quad
105 S. State Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1285

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