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Federal job reform-- application process is now simpler and shorter

As federal jobs have been on the rise, indicating one of the most stable industries right now, the application process may prevent some qualified candidates from applying.

Does the thought of completing a federal job application feel overwhelming? Does it take you 3 days to complete one application?

Well, worry no more. The process is now much simpler and takes about half the time to not only complete the application, but also to get an offer.

NO MORE KSAs and job descriptions that actually make sense!

President Obama in May gave federal agencies until this week to radically overhaul the federal hiring process, mandating simply worded job descriptions and the end of the lengthy "KSAs," or essays that describe an applicant's knowledge, skills and abilities. Applicants for federal employment should be able to apply and be rejected or hired in about 80 days once changes are fully implemented.


Posted by jckroll at November 3, 2010 02:19 PM


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