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Capitalizing on the Holiday Season: Informational Interviews

With the semester winding down and the holidays drawing near, the last thing on your mind may be your inevitable job search. But the few weeks leading up to the winter holidays may be a great time for one key task: the informational interview. The period of time between Thanksgiving and New Years is one where relatively few industries are swamped with work. Libraries, archives, web development firms... nearly all of the staff in these establishments will be counting the days until vacation and postponing major projects until after the new year. There is no better time to identify a professional that you want to learn from, set up an interview, and spend 30-60 minutes discussing the field in which you want to explore.

Ready to take a stab at it? Check out these resources for tips on informational interviewing:

How Does Informational Interviewing Work?
Mastering the Informational Interview
My Pet Peeves About Informational Interviews

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