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HOW TO: Find Employer-Specific Job Search Advice

It is not uncommon for SI students to set their sights on where they want to be when all of this "grad school stuff" is said and done pretty early in the game. Orientation was rife with exclamations of where SI students want to be two years down the road: "I want to work at Microsoft!" or "I'll be at the Library of Congress when I'm finished".

Perhaps you're dreaming of dining at the limitless cafeteria, courtesy of Google. Maybe you're ready to cross a night at the (Smithsonian) museum off of your bucket list. And maybe Twitter is your employer of choice (you ought to get paid for how much time you spend on the service, right?). And let's not forget the startups!

If you've got it narrowed down, good for you! But chances are that a lot of other people are aiming for that bullseye as well. So, in addition to the general career advice you'll be stocking up on throughout graduate school, make sure you take the time to research your employer of choice specifically. Find out what they are looking for now, while you still have plenty of time to rack up internship hours and open source project contributions. A simple google search will often suffice, but if the web doesn't deliver, head to mLibrary for access to career databases and research assistance from the mid-west's finest librarians.

Posted by embow at January 21, 2011 01:09 PM


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