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Summer 2011 Internship Experience

Another SI student shares on their summer 2011 internship experience:

I did my internship with Automated Data Processing (ADP) in Beijing, China. The office I was working focuses on information systems for auto mobile dealership services. ADP China office in Beijing has three organizational units: consulting unit, service unit and research and development unit (R&D). It was R&D unit where I worked.

I found this internship by employee recommendation. My work in R&D team mostly focused on algorithm design. Dealership services involve surprisingly complex work flow structures. Due to the nature of this business, individually customized solution has great importance for the running of daily business activities. One part of the work performed by R&D team is to figure out how to design solutions which are flexible to end users while maintain the integrity of business process. Complex algorithm is required for processes like pricing, though intuition to end user is a constrain that we worked to balance.

My take-away from this internship experience would be mostly about business process management, and of course, algorithm design for business processes. It’s an interesting experience to work in a technically orientated team but have to keep an eye on the business team sitting just next door. Collaboration between business units is definitely some place ADP China should work on in future. That’s also a place I would like to tap on in my work.

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