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October 08, 2007

Copy Card Program

Sites Printing has been in development with the Entrée Plus office for almost a year, the end result is the copy card program. This new service is finally available at Angell Hall and allows students to make photocopies on Campus Computing Sites multi-fuction devices (MFD’s) with a simple swipe of their mcard. The real capstone of this new service is the mcard serves as authentication as well as a portal to the BCP of 400 “free? page sides. Therefore student’s can make copies without ever having to set up a pre-funded account, purchase an exclusive “copy-only card?, or dig for loose change to make copies. Sites Printing also worked to ensure that these MFD’s serve as printers as well, the days of a copy-only machine are behind us. Sites Printing plans on a more widespread deployment of these devices sometime after the new year.

Copy Card Tips and Facts:

*After successfully completing copies or inactivity, the reader times
out after 15 seconds. This is to protect users from being taken advantage of by other users.
*Users can only copy up to 50 pages before being forced to swipe
their cards again. Another form of protection.
*Users are encouraged to press the quit button at the bottom right of
the copy-card reader to "end their sessions". This will prevent
other users jumping in to steal any available copies, (up-to 50 pages).
*There is a hold button on the reader that will allow users to
increase the 15 second timeout, the reader will remain in a hold
state until copying begins.
*The readers will hold up to 500 jobs without network activity, then
report an error. Once it reconnects with the network, it will send
the 500 jobs appropriately.
*Nightly, an Entree Plus office server will send charging data to an
AFS location designated for pickup but Sites.
*ABS generates a list of who is allowed to use this service daily.
An anticipated question is 'the card reader says my account is
invalid', these people should be directed to the AO.

For further questions and inquiries please contact sites.copy@umich.edu.

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Poster Printing @ Sites

Campus Computing Sites now provides poster printing. You can print up to 42? wide B & W and/or Color. Currently poster printing is only available at Angell Hall and costs $8.40 per linear foot. We will NOT provide ANY refunds based on any issue other than technical issues with the printer, i.e. bad ink cartridge, paper jam, etc.

Poster (large format printing) came as a result of several meetings with colleges and departments throughout the university. Groups had voiced their desire to have more readily available large format printing using our charging system and we were able to provide. Our solution works very similar to that of our color printing model, however we charge by the liner foot for poster printing.

For tips on poster printing at Sites:

To learn how to load your favorite Adobe swatch colors on a Sites machine:

Want to use the official University of Michigan CMYK color swatches?

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October 03, 2007

Angell Hall Cyberstation Large Jobs Bug Fix

We identified a problem where print jobs sent from Angell Hall Cyberstations to the 'Angell Large Jobs' queue were inadvertently printing in large format (11" x 17"). Upon further inspection, the Angell Large Jobs PPD deployed to the cyberstations was out-of-date compared with the PPD deployed to the floor machines. Updating the PPD appeared to correct the problems. Machines will receive the updated PPD on next logout/nightly update, whichever should occur first.

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October 02, 2007

Universal Photoshop CS3 Printing Issues

In response to recently reported Photoshop CS3 color printing woes on Intel iMacs, we have found that others are encountering similar problems:


As a workaround, we have deployed a setting that will cause Photoshop to run in Rosetta emulation until we can get some new HP drivers that behave properly.

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