February 22, 2008

Updating PE boot image (boot.wim) drivers

I updated the drivers in the boot.wim file (the boot image which is loaded when you net boot a PC in our environment). To do this, I used a feature in the WAIK (Windows Automated Installation Kit).

A brief outline of the process is this:
1. Gather the drivers you will be adding to the .wim file and extract them.
2. On a machine with WAIK installed, open a PE Tools prompt.
3. Mount a .wim file for editing.
4. Inject the drivers from the command line using the peimg tool.
5. Unmount the .wim making sure to commit changes.

A good step by step article on this process with complete commands is here:
(or cut and paste: http://apcmag.com/5436/customise_windows_pe_2_0 )

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February 06, 2008

Admin Desktop - disabling the Novell gina

In response to a question from a colleague, I put together a reg file with these two entries in it that can be imported onto a machine running the Novell client. The first sets the login gina back to the standard Windows one, and the second turns off the Novell gina. This is handy for folks that may want to occasionally use the Novell client, but don't want it trying to connect them on every login.

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon]

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Novell\Network Provider\Initial Login]
"Login When NWGina Not Loaded"="no"

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December 05, 2007

Flash crashing IE7 on Windows XP

The PC Team worked on a problem this past weekend with our partners at the LRC. The LRC was reporting that an online exam was crashing IE7. The exam is a custom web app developed by the Med School, and it was completely closing the browser without generating an error message. We began by running their web app on our own machines, which we had set to display more verbose error messages than the lab machines do by default. This revealed a few bugs in the app's JavaScript, but did not seem to fully explain what we were seeing. Further investigation by ourselves and the LRC staff revealed that the app was closing most often at a particular point where the web app used Flash. We also found out that the LRC staff had noticed problems recently with other apps that used Flash. A short Google later we had found that many people are seeing similar problems with Flash 9 crashing IE 7. Our labs are currently using IE 7.0.5730.11 and Flash

The IT folks at LRC were able to make some changes that increased the stability of their web app, and will be further testing to find out how compatible their apps are with current versions of Flash.

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