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March 26, 2008

SLUM Brown Bag - Tour of Hell (Plus DIY Lucifer Contest)

Any creative types out there? Or literary folk? This week the SLUM Brown Bag will go on a tour of Hell. More accurately, we will go on a tour of the recently re-established replica of Dante’s Inferno. I saw this the first time around, and it is truly SPLENDID!!! An excellent use of Second Life, a real immersion, engagement, and simulation experience. This is open to the public, so if you can’t make the tour, come on your own. Our tour will be:

March 28, 2008
9-10 SLT (12-1 EDT – local Michigan time)

More information below.

------ Forwarded Message
We are VERY happy to announce that Dante's Inferno has returned to Second Life!

Thanks to an anonymous donor, we were able to unpack Dante's Inferno, and it is now open to the public at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Dante%27s%20Inferno/221/6/58

To celebrate our grand opening, we are hosting a build-a-Lucifer contest. You must use the following URL to build your un-bear: http://web.eku.edu/flash/inferno/

The winner will receive 10,000 Lindens and eternal fame and glory. Entries are due by April 10th, and should be sent to Desideria Stockton for placement in a "Hell Gallery" for voting!

Please stop by the Inferno and leave feedback; we are always trying to make it better!!!

Many thanks to Eloise Pasteur Education Designs for donating time (again) to bring Hell back to life!

You can read more about the Dante Project at: http://bethssecondlife.blogspot.com/

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