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May 27, 2009

Avoiding winmail.dat Problems

Many users have complained about not being able to open e-mails that have a winmail.dat attachment. The problem occurs because of Outlook preserving some of the formatting. Users who use Outlook to read their email will most likely not have this problem. But given the range of email recipients, it is best for Outlook users to send their email without any formatting unless absolutely necessary. The following section will describe how people sending mail through Outlook can change their settings so that the email they send is readable by all users.

Here are a few screenshots to help you change your settings:

Oval: 1While you are in Outlook, click on the Tools Menu at the top and then select Options.

Oval: 2


The following screen will appear with Outlook’s options. Click on Mail Format.

Under Message format, look for a setting that says “Compose in this message format” and change the format to Plain Text. Click OK when complete.

Oval: 5Oval: 4Oval: 3

This should fix the winmail.dat problem.

Note: The Plain text format selected removes all formatting from your email. If you need to use advanced formatting, you can change that on a per email basis as shown below:

When composing an email, click the Options tab and then select Rich Text or HTML to use advanced formatting and editing options.

Oval: BOval: A

Please note that the screen shots were taken from Outlook 2007. If you are using a different version, the actual screen might look different. Contact SN-ITS if you have questions about this.

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