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June 18, 2009

Remote Access to the School of Nursing Windows Servers


Kerberos and Windows Password Synchronization

Before you can remotely access the School of Nursing Windows servers,
you must synchronize your kerberos and Windows Active Directory
passwords. For more information please see the follwing link:

Synchronize your Kerberos Password with Windows Active Directory Password

Internet Connectivity

You must have an active internet connection (preferably DSL or high speed cable modem).

UM Cisco VPN client and Nursing DriveMap utility

To access the School of Nursing Windows Servers remotely you must login with the UM Cisco VPN Client and then run the DriveMap utility to map your network drives. Please see the instructions below on how to download and use both the VPN client and DriveMap utility.

If you have any problems or questions, please contact sn-its at 764-4425 or email us at sn-its@umich.edu.

Download and Install UM VPN Client

Download PDF version of instructions here

Step 1:


Step 2: Click on download link

Step 3: Login with your uniqname and kerberos

Step 4: Save UM Cisco VPN client to your desktop

Step 4 (cont.):

Step 5: Start UM VPN client installation

Step 6: Click "Run" if you get security warning:

Step 7: Accept license agreement

Step 8:Click next

Step 9: Click next

Step 10: Follow remaining prompts

Step 11: Installation completed, click "Finish"

Using the UM Cisco VPN Client

Download PDF version of instructions here

Step 1:

Step 2: Double click on "Off Campus" profile

Step 3: Login with uniqname and kerberos password

Downloading and Using the Nursing DriveMap utility

Download PDF version of instructions here

Step 1: Go to download page http://nursing.umich.edu/snits/downloads/

Step 2: Click on the DriveMap utility link

Step 3: Click on save to begin file download

Step 4: Save DriveMap utility to desktop

Step 5: Double click on DriveMap icon to run utility

Step 6:Click "Open" if you are promted by security warning

Step 7: Enter your uniqname

Step 8: Click on the login banner and enter your Windows Active Directory password and click "OK"

Step 9: Click "OK" for each successfully mapped drive

Step 10: Open "My Computer" to view mapped drives"

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