October 28, 2009

How to sumbit a request to SNITS

Via Email:
Faculty and staff may submit requests to SN-ITS by sending an email to sn-its@umich.edu. When your request is received, it will generate
an auto reply message. IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE AN AUTO-REPLY MESSAGE, YOUR REQUEST WAS NOT SUCCESSFULLY RECEIVED. If this occurs, please resend your request or contact SN-ITS immediately so that we can ensure a timely response to your request.

Via Phone:
Faculty and staff may submit service requests to SN-ITS by calling our office At 734-764-4425. SN-ITS will create a ticket for your request, and you will receive an email confirmation when a ticket has been created.

Via the Web:
Faculty and staff may submit service requests by clicking on the “Submit Service Request” link on the SN-ITS homepage:
http://www.nursing.umich.edu/snits. You will receive an auto-reply message if your request was processed correctly by the system.

In all cases when you submit a request to SN-ITS you should receive an email confirmation. If you submit a request and do not receive confirmation, please contact us immediately via phone or in person.

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