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March 29, 2006

It's going to take how long to get my PhD?!

The National Science Foundation has just released a report on the average time to degree differences among research doctorate recipients from U.S. universities. The report is based on data from the Survey of Earned Doctorates.

The report looks at three measures of time to degree:

  • total elapsed time from completion of the baccalaureate to the doctorate (total time to degree--TTD)
  • time in graduate school less reported periods of nonenrollment (registered time to degree--RTD)
  • age at receipt of doctorate
  • For the academic year ending in 2003, for all doctorate recipients in the social sciences, the median total time to degree (TTD) was 10.0 years; the median registered time to degree (RTD) was 7.8 years; and the median age was 33.1

    Education doctorates had the highest median TTD, 18.2. Anthropologists had the highest RTD, 9.6. The median age for doctorates in chemistry was 29.6, veritable whippersnappers! In comparison, the median age for education doctorates was 43.5.

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