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February 25, 2007


Touring BSU

The next morning we got up and had out enormous breakfast, this time with the whole group. We met with Dr. Monts and Dr. Yen to have breakfast, but we were a little late. Our plans had changed from the itnerary. In the morning we met with the Vice President of BSU. We walked to the office in the rain. The said that rain was very lucky. We walked into the administration building which was all white marble, and we walked into the office- a huge room with boxy black leather chairs and dark wood, and a large table in between. The chairs were in front of a large cloth picture of a scene in China, and framed with two large China pots filled with plants. The Vice President was a tall Chinese man, almost the same size as Dr. Monts. They met each other, and were served tea, that they never touched. Dr. Yen was amazing- he was the translator the entire time. They greeted each other, said that they hoped to set up a relationship between the two universities. It seemed a little superficial. They exchanged gifts, smiled, gave us pins and business cards, and that was it.

They showed us a video in the room after the administration left. It described BSU, which is the #1 sports university in China. In Athens 2004 it turned out 7 or 8 gold medalists, in wrestling, weightlifting, and other sports. I didn't realize how impressive the University was, judging by its small size, compared to the giant University of Michigan.

Check out Beijing Sport University!

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