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February 23, 2007

Costa Rica

Work Break!
Today, Friday June 1, 2006, was our day off after 10 long days of work on la finca (the farm). We traveled in a van for about 45 minutes toward the Pacific cost. We then hopped on a river boat for about an hour.
The boat brought us through canals and into a bay area. We stopped by a rock and snorkeled for a while. It was really beautiful and colorful. We even found an octopus hiding in the rocks. After a couple of hours snorkeling we made our way to Tortuga Island.

The beach on Tortuga Island is one of the few white sand beaches in Costa Rica. Most of the other beaches have black sand. It was beautiful, warm and relaxing. We played in the water, climbed a palm tree, played beach soccer and laid in the waves. It was the perfect day off. It also gave my friends and I a chance to get rid of our farmers tans. While we were on the island we saw a caged Macaw that was used as a store front attraction. Our leader, Rodolfo,made sure to call the police at the end of the day to help free the Macaw because it is illegal to hold them as pets in Costa Rica.

The last stop of the day was the Island Prison of San Lucas (now a wild life reserve). Our tour guide said that when the prison was running it was comparable to Alcatraz. The deserted island and old prison buildings had a very creepy feel to them. The prison was set up of a few large buildings that would hold about 150 prisoners at a time. There were no separate cells for each prisoner; they were all clumped into one room. The murderers were with the thieves and the men were with the women; it didn't matter.
In one a the prisoner buildings was a famous painting of a life-size women. The painting is not famous because of what it is, the painting is famous because of what it is made out of, blood!

Finally it was time to leave the creepy prison and go home. It was a great free-day.

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