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February 27, 2007


June 27, 1999 - Kilauea Hike Day

Today we visited Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park. This is why I had come to Hawai'i: to see active volcanoes and erupting lava. After a quick stop at the Visitor Center, we began our hike hike through Kilauea Crater.


The crater floor consisted of very sharp lava rocks and my feet actually got hot. One guys shoes actually started to melt! We passed a cinder cone and spatter cone (which are different types of volcanoes).
After we hiked, we had lunch and ventured inside a lava tube. A lava tube is typically a "pipe system" underground for a volcano through which lava usually flow to the ocean. This particular lava tube was inactive and turned into a lighted walkway.

Lava Tube

With the guidance of a park ranger, we went in a closed off area of the lava tube that was pitch black. You couldn't see your own hand in front of your face!
After the lava tube, we went to another lava field to look for the world's lightest rock, reticulite. I didn't find any.


A girl fell and cut herself while walking through the lava field and was rushed to the hospital for stitches.
Back at the University, we had dinner and learned an ancient stand up hula. We also made crafts including a tshirt, a sketch on a cloth, memo pads, and could get temporary tattoos.
The day was amazing but I was disappointed that I did not get to see running lava or a volcano erupt. It is very rare that tourists actually get to see it, but I will eventually one day.

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