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March 21, 2007


Tienanmen Square
We did a lot of tourist things when we went to Beijing. We went to Tienanmen Square, which is the largest square in the world. It has a large monument to Chairmen Mao in the center. It is heavily guarded by guards who walk in large groups, like two rows of marching soldiers. It was the site of a student demonstration, where the guards came with tanks and students died.

We wanted to take a picture of the group with a large banner in front that was in Chinese and said GIEU Beijing University of Michigan and we set ourselves up, and asked some American tourists to take the picture of us. (because we were scared of someone running off with our cameras) Dr. Yen asked one of the guards earlier to see if we could take pictures with a sign, and he said yes. We started taking pictures, and a large group started forming around us. People were staring at us and taking pictures of us, like we were celebrities. The group was pretty large, and guards started noticing. All of a sudden, the guards ran up to us, yelling and telling us to stop taking the photos, that the banner needed to be a certain size, and then another one said that we couldn't have a banner at all. It caused a big commotion, but our picture turned out well!!!

Posted by cdesimon at March 21, 2007 05:07 PM