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March 12, 2007

Costa Rica

Work Ends and Travel Begins
White Water Rafting

We started our adventure across Costa Rica with whitewater rafting. We traveled for half a day and made it to the Pacquare River. by 12 noon. My friends and I chose to do the “aggressive” rapids which simply meant that our guide purposely tried to flip us and took us through the roughest parts of the rapids.
I was a little scared at first but then ended up having a blast!

We went about 4 miles down the river to a lodge where we spent the night. The lodge was decent, although there was no electricity, and the food was amazing. The food could have seemed even better than usual because we had been living on rice and beans for two weeks. After dinner we laid around, played cards, and just relaxed by the river.

On our second day at the river lodge, we went on a hike into the jungle; it was a workout! We made it to a beautiful waterfall which we could slide down like a water slide. After another hour or so of hiking we found a 20ft waterfall that we jumped off of! I was a little nervous but once I jumped I wanted to do it again. It was a lot of fun! We had the rest of the day off and just relaxed by the river and in some hammocks.

The next day we finished our whitewater rafting adventure by traveling 8 more miles down the river through class III and class IV rapids (class V being the biggest).
Although a bit scary, they were a blast and the river was beautiful. White water rafting was my favorite part of our second two weeks in Costa Rica.

Posted by kmquinn at March 12, 2007 05:30 PM