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March 19, 2007


June 30, 1999 - Kona Day

Today we visited the Kona Coffee Living History Farm. Hawaii is known for growing tropical plants such as pineapple, bananas and coffee. We saw how they farmed and picked coffee beans, and participated in the harvest. It was very tedious work as we stripped the beans off the plants into a basket. There were literally hundreds of acres with coffee plants, making for a long harvest.

Kona Coffee Living History Farm

Our next stop was the Amy B.H. Greenwell Ethnobotanical Garden. We went on a tour of the most beautiful garden I have ever been in. There were so many colors and the tropical plants smelled wonderful. We started with the plants that lived in the ocean around Hawai'i. Then we climbed a hill to see high elevation trees. The site of the entire garden from the top of the hill was break taking.

Amy B.H. Greenwell Ethnobotanical Garden

At the Onizuka Space Center, we watched a movie about space travel and Hawaiians who have been astronauts. Hawaii is famous for having great telescope locations on top of Mauna Loa. The displays were fascinating because of my interest in space. It was a very educational experience.

Onizuka Space Center

The remainder of the evening was spent shopping at the Kona Coast Shopping Center, the Hard Rock Cafe and in the pool. Today was a very busy day as we traveled to three destinations, but it was very educational and the gardens were beautiful.

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