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April 10, 2007


Missing China

I miss China a lot now. Blogging especially makes me miss it. Looking through pictures, trying to find the right photo to describe what I want to describe brings back a lot of memories. It was especially hard to pick only a few things to blog about! Looking through other websites to tag and add to my blog allowed me to catch up with what is going on at the Universities that I left and the places that I visited. I looked through some of the blogs that my friends that traveled with me had posted, and I discovered notes and pictures that I didn't know were taken (both a good and bad thing!). One of the best things was discovering new pictures that other people on my trip had just posted.

The China Video we made to show our trip has a lot of inside jokes and memories. It even shows a video we made about our Wushu attempts. Looking over the pictures from the Great Wall, Forbidden City and the Temple of Heaven makes me want to go back. It was an amazing trip and I met a lot of new people, and made some great friends. I am taking Chinese now too because of the trip, and it has been considerably harder this semester compared to last semester. Also, my motivation to take it has been down, because I am not continuously reminded of why I am taking the class, and knowing the importance of the language. Blogging about it has kept me a little more motivated than I would have been if I didn't because it is a little reminder of why I chose to take it in the beginning.

Posted by cdesimon at April 10, 2007 09:18 PM