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April 12, 2007

del.icio.us Review

Before taking BIT200, I had heard of del.icio.us, but had never used it. Until this year I did not bookmark sites, even on my own computer. I don't know why I did this, but I just liked typing in sites and keeping everything in my head. As I started to use the Internet more and more, I began bookmarking sites on my computer. My list in Firefox is very long (it takes up the whole screen and I have to scroll through them).
After installing the Del.icio.us add-on by Yahoo!, I immediately found the application and social bookmarking concept useful. The concept is very useful, but more of a convenience than a necessity. I only used my del.icio.us account several times on another computer, as I do not often use another computer besides my own. Even then, I found it more efficient to just type the web address or search for it on google. The only true use I have found for del.icio.us is checking a website to see if software has been updated. I only used this for one program though, as most programs have a built in updating function.
Del.icio.us was interesting to find new sites listed on the main page. I never searched for a specific topic through del.icio.us but just stumbled across some popular tags and found sites interesting. From this I did learn new information regarding new technologies and internet marketing techniques. Many others were just random sites that I have already forgotten. Del.icio.us is useful when you found a specific site awhile ago and must now recall it. You can easily find it by searching your tags only. If I find a site I will check regularly, I either add it to my Firefox toolbar or browser bookmarks because they are more accessible and more efficient that using del.icio.us. The concept is interesting and seems useful, but is truly only worthwhile when rediscovering old sites or randomly browsing other people's tags.

Posted by scheemo at April 12, 2007 04:42 PM