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April 09, 2007


July 3, 1999 - Waipi'o Day

This morning we are heading for the Hamakua Coast where the Waipi'o Valley is. This valley is well protected and not very well known as only 10% of the population of Hawai'i have been in to the valley.

Waipi'o Valley

This was the most picturesque and beautiful scenery I have ever seen. The valley was covered in lush, green vegetation and the ocean was the bluest I have ever seen. The trip down the valley was interesting as the van could not hold everyone, so we had to get out and hike a good distance. Early morning exercise woke everyone up.
In the valley, we visited Cain's Taro Farm. There we planted taros and played mud soccer. Mud soccer is so much fun. Everyone was covered in mud from their head to their toes. After soccer, we weeded another taro field and harvested another field.

Taro Fields

The work was surprisingly hard, but was fun. However, the lunch was disgusting. I had never tried poi before, which is made from taro roots. It is a native Hawai'ian dish and is absolutely disgusting!!! Luckily, lunch also had chicken! After lunch, we went swimming at the beach for a while and then headed back to the hotel. Everyone was exhausted from working the taro fields, but the site of the Waipi'o Valley will remain with me as one of the most beautiful sites I have ever seen.

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