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September 27, 2006

We Have a Wiki!

Today we setup a wiki for use in documenting the project. The URL for the wiki is

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September 26, 2006

And So It Begins...

This blog is dedicated to the development of the Virtual Sites project. We will be attempting to regularly post blog updates in an effort to document the development process and encourage feedback and discussion through the use of comments. We will also be putting up a wiki with project information and other various resources. Since this project will have applications for many units on campus, it is our goal to bring in as much outside influence as possible and to seek feedback at all times. Please feel free to participate and we welcome your questions and comments. If you wish to contact our group, the email address is and there is a joinable mailing list with the address You can get to it by following this link.

The goal of this project is to create a method for remote access of sites resources outside of the physical lab enviornments. Initially we are targeting the availabily of Windows applications with hope to add support for Mac applications in the future. There are a number of approaches to fulfilling this goal and as such we have several options to investigate. To weight the various benefits and limitations of each potential solution we are first attempting to learn more about our lab usage.

We are initally concerned with exploring two facets of lab usage. Those are -

  1. How the lab machines are used (i.e., which software is most important to the largest demographic)
  2. When are resources not being utilized to their fullest potential and could therefore be reallocated for inclusion within this project (e.g., when labs are closed during off hours and holidays)

To gain insight into these areas we are currently analyzing statistical information such as lab usage details. Once we understand usage volume we will start planning solutions around that data.

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