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September 10, 2008

Changes to ARTstor

ARTstor is one of the most extensive databases of digital images available; unfortunately, until now, many shied away from using the source regularly because its old format was cumbersome. Thanks to changes in the site unveiled over the summer, the navigability of ARTstor's collections has been vastly improved.

One of the most helpful additions to the ARTstor page is the new browsing function. You can now browse by location, collection or media. These classifications are then broken down even farther to refine your browsing.

ARTstor is available from any computer without logging on as long as you are on campus. If you wish to access ARTstor from home, you will need to create an account with your umich email address. For more information on registering, please go to the ARTstor webite's information page here. Or view the above video and other instructional ARTstor videos on YouTube.

Posted by hthrlowe at September 10, 2008 04:25 PM


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