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September 29, 2008

Cary Fowler

Cary Fowler, who heads the Global Crop Diversity Trust, will be the Penny Stamps Lecturer for Thursday, October 2nd. The above video is a sneak peak of his work on the Svalbard Global Seed Bank in the Arctic from the CBS show, 60 minutes.

Dr. Fowler will be speaking to the importance of genetic diversity among crops in light of global climate change as well as his organization's fight to preserve the seed sources of genetic diversity. Find out more by following the links below:

Global Crop Diversity Trust

Svalbard Global Seed Bank Images

Pop! Tech Lecture given by Dr. Fowler

The London Guardian. "Svalbard's Giant Cold Store"

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September 25, 2008

Home Delivery: Prefab Houses & MOMA videos on the web

Video and many others available via the MOMA user homepage on YouTube.

Over the summer, the Museum of Modern Art has been hosting an exhibition called Home Delivery in the empty lot adjacent the museum. Five different groups from the U.S. and Europe erected homes on the site with emphasis on issues ranging from sustainability to disaster relief.

For more information, articles, and videos on the exhibition, keep reading.

NPR segment on the exhibition and Prefabricated Housing

MOMA's YouTube site with all the videos for the exhibition

New York Times article announcing the exhibtion

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September 23, 2008

Herbert Dreiseitl to lectures at TCAUP

image copyright GreenWorks, PC, Tanner Springs Park, Portland, OR

Herbert Dreiseitl will be lecturing tomorrow in the Art & Architecture Building's Lecture Hall at 6:00pm. Formally trained as an artist, Dreiseitl's interests lead him to pursue a career in landscape architecture. His firm, Atelier Dreiseitl, was founded in 1980 and focuses on water management and sustainability.

Below the fold are links to articles about Dreiseitl and the influential books he's written on the subject of waterscapes. You can also search the library's holdings by going to the Mirlyn homepage and selecting the Find Articles link at the top of the page.

Books by Herbert Dreiseitl

New waterscapes : planning, building and designing with water; published Basel, 2005

Waterscapes : planning, building and designing with water; published Basel, 2001

More information on Herbert Dreiseitl

Metropolis March 2006

Metropolis February 2008

"New Waterscapes for Singapore" Topos, no. 59 p24-30

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September 19, 2008

Use M-Tagger for Images!

Try the new M-Tagger tool to tag images in the AAEL VRC Online Image Collection. You can then search for your tags and find the images you've tagged. You can tag with words that describe the image or you might tag with a course name or number for which that image is relevant.

Simply go to the collection, conduct your search, click on a thumbnail and then click on Tag This Page!

To search tags (your own or all tags), simply go to the MTagger Search Page or to any image and click on the Search Tags link in the MTagger window.

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September 17, 2008

Ken Robinson on TED

Above is a video of a lecture given by Ken Robinson, at a Technology, Entertainment, Design talk (TED talks). TED is a conference which brings together various experts on numerous topics to give short lectures. The outcome of these lectures is easily digestible information on a wide range of interests that can be shared online, through personal media players or home computers. The lecture themes range from the arts to science innovation to issues of global concern.

Ken Robinson, who will be speaking at the University of Michigan as part of the Penny Stamps lecture series on Sept. 25, is known as a dedicated advocate for the role creativity plays in our lives. He has widely spoken out for the promotion of the arts in schools and advises numerous educational institutions across the globe.
For more information about Ken Robinson, look below the fold.

More links for Ken Robinson:

Sir Ken Robinson's webpage

Peabody Award Profile

Out of Our Minds: Learning to be Creative

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September 15, 2008

Online Sources for Science & Medical Images

Heliocereus speciosus (New York Botanical Garden; artist: M.E. Eaton, 1913, watercolor)
Catalog of Botanical Illustrations; The Cactaceae, vol. 2, pl. 17, fig. 2, Dept. of Botany, Smithsonian Institution

Visit our list of Science and Medical Digital Image Collections list to find images that will enrich your science paper or presentation. Remember to cite the source of your image, just as you would cite an article or book.

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September 12, 2008

Cities in Pictures

Looking up Woodward Avenue, Detroit, c. 1910-20
Detroit Publishing Company, no. 073427
Library of Congress American Memory Project

Urban planners often have different image needs from other disciplines. Here are a few sites rich with images of cities, urban topics, and social issues.

Arounder -- 360 Degree Panoramic Views of Cities

Cities Around the World

Images of Detroit Image Gallery

Virtual Motor City
Images of Detroit from News Sources from 1900-1980.

Library of Congress American Memory Project
Click on the Cities and Towns link.

Metropolitan Design Center for American Urban Landscape Image Database

Milwaukee Neighborhoods: Photos and Maps 1885-1992

Sanborn Maps of American Cities
(Requires UofM authentication)

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September 11, 2008

Looking for images that don't fit in neat subject categories?

Try AP Images. AP Images provides 100's of 1,000s of images from newspapers, magazines, and online news sources. You can search in several news categories (national, international, sports, etc.). You might want to browse through some of their historical image groups (i.e., Man on the Moon, Jazz Greats, Early Computers, etc.).

When searching for images in AP Images, remember that you're searching through captions, so choose words that you might expect to find describing the image you're hoping to find. For example, if you don't find what you need with "tornado," try "funnel cloud." Remember to search common abbreviations in addition to words. For instance, searching for WTC New York will find different and additional images from a search for World Trade Center New York.

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ARTstor Training Session -- Oct. 10th

Needing high quality images for teaching? Interested in learning how to search for images and teach with ARTstor? Come to the training session on October 10th at the Faculty Exploratory in the Graduate Library. To register:

Questions? Contact Rebecca Price : 647-5274 or rpw at

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September 10, 2008

Changes to ARTstor

ARTstor is one of the most extensive databases of digital images available; unfortunately, until now, many shied away from using the source regularly because its old format was cumbersome. Thanks to changes in the site unveiled over the summer, the navigability of ARTstor's collections has been vastly improved.

One of the most helpful additions to the ARTstor page is the new browsing function. You can now browse by location, collection or media. These classifications are then broken down even farther to refine your browsing.

ARTstor is available from any computer without logging on as long as you are on campus. If you wish to access ARTstor from home, you will need to create an account with your umich email address. For more information on registering, please go to the ARTstor webite's information page here. Or view the above video and other instructional ARTstor videos on YouTube.

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We at the VRC in the Art, Architecture and Engineering Library are pleased to extend our services to you in this blog! Our posts will cover the following (and more):

- highlights of our own digital image collection and other useful image databases both UM-subscribed and freely available

- tips on use of digital images

- information about more resources in the VRC including videos (VHS and DVD), CD-ROMS, blueprints, and 35mm slides

- news of lectures, exhibitions, and websites of interest to the community

As with other blogs, you can search, subscribe (click on "Syndicate this site" at right), and comment. Enjoy!

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