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November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving from the Visual Resources Collection

Happy Thanksgiving! If you find time today, you can peruse the New York Public Library Digital Library's Collection of Thanksgiving cards and menus.

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November 25, 2008

Museum of Islamic Art, Qatar

I.M Pei's last major cultural work was inaugurated last weekend in Doha, Qatar: the Museum of Islamic Art. Situated on an island off the main waterfront, the museum evokes the traditional elements of Islamic architecture with a modern, cubist sensibility.

The image of the lobby above, from AP Images, illustrates the interior and lighting design by Jean-Michelle Wilmotte (who also worked with Pei on the Pyramide du Louvre).

The Museum's collections cover textiles, manuscripts, ceramics, sculpture and other decorative arts of the Islamic world from the 7th century to present day.

For more images of the building and its collections, see the Museum of Islamic Art website and the recent article in the New York Times.

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November 20, 2008

Life Magazine Images available through Google

The history of Life Magazine is thoroughly intertwined with the history of America. Some form of the magazine circulated from the mid 1800's to 2000, and in recent history, Life was best known for its photojournalism. The bulk of the Life Collection has never been published and includes photos dating back to the 1750's and vast quantities of personal works from photographers like Alfred Eisenstaedt.

Until now the nearly 10 million images have been stored away out of sight. Though Life Magazine plans to host the collection online, they have now teamed up with Google. When you do a Google image search, some of your results might be from the Life Magazine Collection. Of course, you can also limit your search to only Life images. To do this, simply add source:life to your keyword search. For the time being only about 20% of the collection has been published to the web, but Google promises to have the whole 10 million online over the next few months.

NPR story on Life Magazine Images with audio and video
Article on Computer World

Some sample searches:

Olympics source:life
Eleanor Roosevelt source:life
John Kennedy source:life
Dust Bowl source:life
WWI source:life
Vietnam source:life
Zoo source:life

Images: top: Jesse Owens, 4x100, 1936, photographer unknown; After fold: zoo keeper giving a baby monkey a hug at the National Zoo, Washington, D.C 1945 photographer: George Skadding; Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner, Springs NY, 1949, photographer: Martha Holmes; Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr during Freedom March, 1963, photographer: Francis Miller. All images © Time, Inc

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November 19, 2008

Vintage Advertising

Whether it's the popularity of the tv series Mad Men or a genuine interest in all things vintage, Duke University has an image database that might give you your retro-advertising fix. The Duke University Online Collection includes a section for Advertising and Consumer Culture. The four parts of the advertising collection include:

Ad*Access is the John W. Hartmen Center for Sales, Advertising and Marketing History has an online collection of American and Canadian printed advertisements from 1911 to 1955. The five major focuses of the collection are Beauty & Hygiene, Radio, Television, Transportation, and World War II.

Emergence of Advertising in America covers the burgeoning stages of advertising in America from the mid nineteenth century to the early twentieth century. The images are drawn from Duke's Rare Book, Manuscript and Special Collections Library.

The Medicine and Madison Avenue collection is exactly what it sounds like: an image bank focuses on the very beginning of the relationship between pharmaceuticals and ad campaigns.

Another selection from the Rare Book, Manuscript & Special Collection Library is the Ration Coupon Collection is a small group of ration coupons issued during World War II.

All images are © of the Duke University, Rare Book, Manuscript & Special Collection Library. Please click on the image to find its citation in the Duke collection

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November 14, 2008


Catena is a digital image database of historical gardens and landscapes. The newly remodeled site includes their collection of photographs, drawings, and excerpts from texts. Catena is a good supplement to landscape studies and fills a niche that many strictly architecture or art image databases do not. Searches can be done for location, the type of garden/landscape element, period, and type of image in addition to the usual creator, title and keyword searches. The new design makes browsing the collection much more user-friendly than before.

Other highlights of the remodel include interactive plans of a few key villas and gardens and excerpts from rare books available in the image viewer. Look below the fold for more images from Catena's collection.

image: Garden and palace near the villa of Tivoli, Dupérac, Etienne, etching, (1525-1604) © Bard Graduate Center

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November 13, 2008

NASA Exploring the Universe

When looking for images of the celestial bodies, it might be a no-brainer that NASA would be one of your go-to websites. However, you might be surprised just how much the website has to offer. Since NASA is such an enormous organization, it might be daunting at first to think about finding what best suits your image and informational needs. Two great places to start are NASA images and the Exploring the Universe section .

NASA Images is actually a service of the Internet Archive, and the site offers several great features. The home page allows you to search for images, choose images relating to five main categories or use an interactive timeline to narrow your browsing. Once in the image sections, you can narrow or broaden your search using the keywords menu boxes to the left of the screen. If you register with the site, you then are allowed a workspace and media groups. Use the media groups to save images and videos of interest and the workspace to create presentations. These presentations can be embedded in or linked to from your website, or you can download them into Power Point or Key Note. The presentations are limited only to titles on the top of the screen and images, but once exported to either Power Point or Key Note, the images will be on separate slides making the editing process fairly easy.

The NASA Exploring the Universe page is an excellent place to check up on recent discoveries, missions, and new images. Exploring the Universe has links to images in its collection, audio and video podcasts, NASA TV, and interactive features. While the access to images isn't a deep as compared to NASA Images Online, you might find Exploring the Universe to be a little more useful when doing a general search on a broad topic.

top image: Spiral Galaxy Messier 81, bottom image: Astronaut John Glenn Undergoes Simulated Orbital Flight Training (11/29/1969), both images © NASA please click on the images to be taken to the original NASA posting

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November 11, 2008

Interested in Ann Arbor?

Ever wonder about the history of this town you'll be living in for at least a few years of your life? The Ann Arbor District Library and the Bentley Historical Museum have teamed up to offer an online history of the Making of Ann Arbor. The site offers essays, images, and maps all relating to the city. One section focuses just on historical buildings in the area. If you can't find what you're looking for on the Making of Ann Arbor site, they provide an extensive list of links and suggested readings to further your research.

Image above Northeast Corner Main and Washington Streets - Ann Arbor, contact Bentley Historical Library for copyright information.

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November 06, 2008

BBC Audio Interviews

As one of the largest broadcasting companies in the world, the BBC has a wide range and depth of information to offer. A subsection of the company, BBC Four, is one of the many BBC channels and focuses on programs of cultural interest. On their website is a small archives of historical audio interviews. The interviewees include such figures as Mies van der Rohe, Bob Marley, the Dalai Lama, and Salvador Dali. Many of the sound clips are brief but might be ideal for using in a presentation or lecture for class. The site uses Real Player or Windows Media Player, so you'll need to download one of those here if you don't already have it on your computer.

Read further for links to interviews in specific subjects.

Above image: Ted Husing and Dink Templeton listen to BBC broadcast in the Laguardia Airport, 1948 © AP


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November 04, 2008

Images in Honor of the Election

No matter what your political persuasion, Election Day is always one in which we are reminded of the privilege and responsibility that comes with living in a democratic society. The following links will take you to current or historical images relating to American elections.

2008 Election Showcase
AP Images' Historical Database results for Elections
Library of Congress's Women's Suffrage page
Election Portfolio of UM's Bentley Historical Image Bank

Above Voters waiting to cast ballot in Boston, MA image © AP/Charles Krupa

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