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November 20, 2008

Life Magazine Images available through Google

The history of Life Magazine is thoroughly intertwined with the history of America. Some form of the magazine circulated from the mid 1800's to 2000, and in recent history, Life was best known for its photojournalism. The bulk of the Life Collection has never been published and includes photos dating back to the 1750's and vast quantities of personal works from photographers like Alfred Eisenstaedt.

Until now the nearly 10 million images have been stored away out of sight. Though Life Magazine plans to host the collection online, they have now teamed up with Google. When you do a Google image search, some of your results might be from the Life Magazine Collection. Of course, you can also limit your search to only Life images. To do this, simply add source:life to your keyword search. For the time being only about 20% of the collection has been published to the web, but Google promises to have the whole 10 million online over the next few months.

NPR story on Life Magazine Images with audio and video
Article on Computer World

Some sample searches:

Olympics source:life
Eleanor Roosevelt source:life
John Kennedy source:life
Dust Bowl source:life
WWI source:life
Vietnam source:life
Zoo source:life

Images: top: Jesse Owens, 4x100, 1936, photographer unknown; After fold: zoo keeper giving a baby monkey a hug at the National Zoo, Washington, D.C 1945 photographer: George Skadding; Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner, Springs NY, 1949, photographer: Martha Holmes; Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr during Freedom March, 1963, photographer: Francis Miller. All images © Time, Inc

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