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January 22, 2009


Aluka is an online resource dedicated to scholarly research about Africa and African Culture. Aluka consists of three major collections. The first archiving effort began in 2003 to document the Struggles for Freedom in Southern Africa, and then just a few months later the initiative to catalogue African Plants was begun. The third collection, African Cultural Landscapes was added when Aluka teamed up with Capetown University to utilize the advanced imaging equipment there.

Throughout the site, you can find maps, images, renderings, primary and secondary documentations, and images of archaeological sites and plants. The site is easily navigable for browsing. You can select collections, subject areas, or featured content. Many of the archaeological sites have been rendered in 3D using Quick Time and are available for download. Some of the other featured content includes the Zimbabwe Serials, Curtis Botanical Magazine, and even full periodicals like Amandla.

Image: Amandla, Vol. 14, no. 10, 1990, cover For full magazine please visit Aluka here.

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