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January 05, 2010

Contemplating the Void

For the building’s 50th anniversary, the Guggenheim Museum invited more than two hundred artists, architects, and designers to develop a visionary concept for an installation/intervention in the Guggenheim's Frank Lloyd Wright Rotunda. Submissions were received from all over the world. Contemplating the Void: Interventions in the Guggenheim Museum will be on view at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York from February 12 to April 28, 2010.

Image above shows project Art Trap by architect Minsuk Cho, Mass Studies, Seoul. The project would separate the spiral museum interior from the void through the installation of an undulating plastic barrier. But this barrier would not be visually inert. Instead, it would have 180 “saddle-like seats” built into its inside face. Each of these seats would feature 5 holes – for the occupants legs, arms, and head – and would be accessible from short ladders or from the floor.

Contemplating the Void: The Central Park Market, Olson Kundig Architects, Seattle

Erratic Void, SelgasCano, Madrid

Experiencing the Void, JDS Architects, Oslo/Julien De Smedt


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