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February 05, 2010

Reboot Detroit

Image © Robert Mavrinac

On January 25th Dutch (VPRO) television broadcasted "Doorstart Detroit" (Reboot Detroit). It is "about the shared faith of GM and Detroit, and if the crisis will lead to new insights or not." Watch it in full at Detroit Unreal Estate Agency website.

Detroit Unreal Estate Agency project is aimed at new types of urban practices (architecturally, artistically, institutionally, everyday life, etc) that came into existence, creating a new value system in Detroit.

The project is an initiative by architects Andrew Herscher and Mireille Roddier, curator Femke Lutgerink and Partizan Publik's Christian Ernsten and Joost Janmaat.

The Detroit Unreal Estate Agency has the goal to turn the story of Detroit and the ways of evaluating and developing the city’s potential upside down.

"Detroit right now is just this vast, enormous canvas where anything imaginable can be accomplished."

"Despite the recession — and in some cases because of it — small businesses are budding around Detroit in one of the more surprising twists of the downturn."

Here is recent article in NY Times about young entrepreneurs opening new businesses in Detroit "Detroit Entrepreneurs Opt to Look Up".

via NY Times article by Toby Barlow

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