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April 30, 2010

2010 World Expo in Shanghai

Fireworks light up the Shanghai skyline during the opening ceremony for the Shanghai 2010 World Expo (Photo/Philippe Wojazer)

The 2010 World Expo in Shanghai has officially opened! Covering 2 square miles along the Huangpu River, the site includes national pavilions, sculpture gardens, and a sports aren/performing arts center. Past world's fairs and expositions have included such notable constructions as the Eiffel Tower, the Crystal Palace, and Mies van der Rohe's Barcelona Pavilion. Intriguing buildings this year include:

the United Kingdom Pavilion

(©AP Photo/Shanghai Pacific Institute for International Strategy, HO)

the Japan Pavilion

(©AP Photo/Shanghai Pacific Institute for International Strategy, HO)

and the United Arab Emirates Pavilion

(©AP Photo/Shanghai Pacific Institute for International Strategy, HO)

Go here for an excellent website for the expo with descriptions and multiple views of the pavilions.

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April 07, 2010

Tim Brown - Penny Stamps Lecture

Tim Brown, IDEO

The last Penny Stamps Lecture of the semester will be given by Tim Brown, CEO of the design firm IDEO, on Thursday, April 8 at 5:10 pm at the Michigan Theater (free).

Brown's lecture is titled "From Design to Design Thinking". His is an expansive idea of the roots and responsibilities of good design, and IDEO's success is likewise indebted to a broad cultural perspective on the creative process.

For more information on Brown and IDEO see

Tim Brown's blog Design Thinking.

TED.com profile of Tim Brown

Objectified DVD on designers including IDEO.

The book IDEO : masters of innovation in the AAE Library.

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April 05, 2010

Online Color Challenge

X-Rite has created a simple "Online Color Challenge" based on the Farnsworth Munsell 100 Hue Test. Results can show your problem areas of color discrimination. Try it!

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April 01, 2010

Living with Modern Architecture

(Photo: Gunnar Knechtel; Dwell, September 2006)

"The frequent window washing and dry mopping required to keep the room sufficiently spartan became more than she could bear. The bed suffered the consequences."

(Photo: Jon Jensen; Portland Monthly, March 2008)

"Locked out again, he cursed the architect who thought that the parallel plywood doors would “balance” the slat-window living area."

For more such trenchant analyses of the representation of modernist architecture in contemporary periodicals, consult this site.

And, Happy April Fool's Day!

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