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June 17, 2010

Ann Arbor in AADL Digital Gallery

Trolley at Main & Washington
Image courtesy of University of Michigan's Bentley Historical Library

Twenty-five years ago Grace Shackman began to document the history of Ann Arbor's buildings, events, and people in the Ann Arbor Observer.

She has written about Schwaben Halle, Ann Arbor's trolly car line and the early movie theaters. Now you can search a rich selection of over 130 of Grace's articles or browse by topic right from the Ann Arbor Observer: Then & Now, presented by the Ann Arbor District Library and the Ann Arbor Observer. You can also view an accompanying image gallery.

And there is more at Ann Arbor District Library local history page.

Here are some of the links:

Ann Arbor Architecture Archive


The Ford Gallery of Ann Arbor Founders

AADL Image Gallery

Here is an article "to stir some memories" from AnnArbor.com.

A photo of Drake's Sandwich Shop on North University Avenue, believed to be taken in the 1930s.
Photo from the papers of Sam Sturgis, in the Image Bank at the University of Michigan's Bentley Historical Library

The former Drake's Sandwich Shop site is still serving food, though now it's as part of the Bruegger's chain.
Image by Angela Cesere | AnnArbor.com

via Ann Arbor District Library

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