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October 26, 2010

The New Addition to the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology

The Kelsey Museum's latest addition, the William E. Upjohn Exhibit Wing, allows even more of the Kelsey collection to be displayed than ever before. With two spacious floors, the addition houses a wide variety of objects from locations such as the Ancient Near East, Dynastic Egypt, Rome and Pompeii. The addition provides a light and open gallery space with a plan which progresses seamlessly through the various displays. A plethora of objects provide surprises around every corner from jewelry, sculpture, and Egyptian mummies to the everyday items discovered on archaeological digs such as ancient preserved food and inscribed eggshells. Also on display is the full-scale replica of a room in the Pompeiian Villa of the Mysteries with a watercolor rendition by Italian artist Maria Barosso of the fresco frieze that wraps around the whole of the interior. The new space features the Edwin E. Meader and Mary U. Meader Special Exhibition Gallery, which currently displays the exhibition Vaults of Heaven: Visions of Byzantium running until January 23, 2011. A collection of the photography of Ahmet Ertug, Vaults of Heaven covers Byzantine art and architecture from exquisite mosaics to magnificent domes displayed along with items from the Kelsey's own collection such as Byzantine coins and ivories. Free to the public, the Kelsey Museum is a rich find that offers something for all ages.

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