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January 25, 2011


With the goal of making knowledge of Asian art available to the rest of the world and overcoming boundaries such as language, Asia-Art.net covers Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Khmer, Indonesian, Malaysian and Japanese art. A wide variety of artistic expression is explored, from traditional and folk art forms to innovative ones such as Thai coffee painting. Contemporary artist bios and the ability to browse through the works of individual artists in online exhibition galleries are also provided. Learn about different types of painting and the various techniques and materials frequently used in Asian art including wood block prints, sculpture and textiles, or watch instructional videos on Chinese brush painting.

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January 20, 2011

"The Way Things Go" (video review)

The Way Things Go
Directed by Peter Fischli and David Weiss

A presentation by the artists Peter Fischli and David Weiss, the film documents a work in which everyday objects are used to explore the properties of physics and chemistry. Their elaborate 100 ft. structure demonstrates objects and movement in fluid arrangements of slow to quick action in a fascinating combination of science and art. With no narration and only the sound of the objects themselves as they undergo motion catalyzed by water, gas, fire and chemical reactions, Fischli and Weiss allow the objects to tell their own mesmerizing story. Bonus features include biographies on the artists and information on their work.

This video is among the many available to borrow from the Visual Resources Center in the Art, Architecture and Engineering Library. Search for videos in Mirlyn or in our video database.

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January 18, 2011


Earth in 80 Languages
© WorldSpace Corporation and Ingo Gunther
Source: World Processor

Take a look at World Processor - a collection of about 200 beautiful physical world globes, visualizing the geographical distribution of various parameters, including temperature changes, population, energy consumption, pollution, wealth, refugees, life expectancy, and so on.

Global warming and cooling
© WorldSpace Corporation and Ingo Gunther

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January 13, 2011

"Colosseum" (video review)

Colosseum (Flavian Amphitheater), Rome, Italy, 70-82 CE
© Edward Olencki

Secrets of Lost Empires: Colosseum
A NOVA production

NOVA presents the latest exploration of theories on the Colosseum and its long lost roof. In a bullring in Barcarrota, Spain architectural historian Rainer Graefe and structural engineer Chris Wise conduct an experiment to test their ideas. Using materials contemporary to the Colosseum (with a few adjustments and substitutes where necessary), they base their recreations upon images of the Colosseum depicted on coins, evidence of a roof at a Roman arena in Nîmes, and frescoes of an arena with a canvas roof in Pompeii. Presenting the technicalities and difficulties they come across in their construction process, they compare them to similar challenges Roman engineers potentially dealt with. In the end Graefe and Wise construct two canvas roofs with different rope, mast and beam structures in an engaging attempt to come to a closer understanding of the roof of the Colosseum.

This video is among the many available to borrow from the Visual Resources Center in the Art, Architecture and Engineering Library. Search for videos in Mirlyn or in our video database.

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January 11, 2011

Bruce Shapiro and the Art of Motion Control

© Bruce Shapiro

After retiring from his career as a medical doctor, Bruce Shapiro began experimenting with motion control and art in the early 1990s. His projects with machinery and art combine elements of engineering and science to create truly unique works. Shapiro's website contains his explanations of the use of industrial materials and machines in his art providing information on how to create your own motion control projects with scrap materials. His media include everything from eggs, bubbles, ribbons and sand; and his installations, such as Pipe Dream and Ribbon Dancer, at science museums reflect his interests in motion, music and mathematical patterns. To see these and other art experiments created by Shapiro visit The Art of Motion Control.

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January 06, 2011

New location!

Tuley High School, Chicago, Illinois
1974, Mies van der Rohe Office
© Edward Olencki

The VRC has moved! Still under construction, but open. We are now on the 2nd floor of the Art, Architecture and Engineering Library, in the corridor on the east side of the reserves desk (former site of the Computer and Video Game Arcade).

Our video collection is accessible for viewing and borrowing. VHS and DVD viewing stations, paper cutters, and expert advice are also available now. All computer work stations, flatbed scanner, and the slide scanner should be up and running next week, January 10.

Our Winter Semester hours are Monday-Friday, 10-5 pm. See you soon!

To find more images like the one above, search the AAEL Digital Image database with keyword "construction".

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