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February 25, 2011

"Isamu Noguchi" (video review)

Isamu Noguchi: The Sculpture of Spaces
Sapporo Television Broadcasting and Alternate Current

This biographical film presents the unique understanding sculptor Isamu Noguchi brought to his works and examines his renowned sculptural projects. With numerous clips of Noguchi expounding upon his art and his early vision of the earth as sculpture, the film persuasively shows how he incorporated these thoughts into his own innovative work. Documenting his vision and the inspiration he drew from Japanese stone gardens are some of his commissions throughout the world: the UNESCO Garden of Peace, Bayfront Park in Miami, the Billy Rose Sculpture Garden in Jerusalem, and his final project, Moerenuma Park in Sapporo. The working methods Noguchi employed, such as his use of 3-D models rather than drawings for plans, as well as the difficulties and controversies surrounding such large-scale sculptural projects are also addressed. As a whole, the film shows that Noguchi's sculpture continues to be a longstanding testimony to his life and vision.

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February 22, 2011

Movie title stills collection

Take a look at the Movie title stills collection - a collection of screen shots and captured images of movie title stills from classic and recent feature films and trailers. It is interesting to see how styles change from year to year.

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February 15, 2011

Art Project

Recently launched by Google, Art Project brings famous works of art with stunning image quality directly to you. Using floor plans and 360° views, navigate your way through art galleries around the world from the Palace of Versailles to the MoMA. You can choose to “Explore the Museum” or to examine individual works with amazing zoom abilities that allow you to perceive the thick application of paint on Van Gogh’s The Bedroom or the fine details of Holbein’s The Ambassadors. Find information on artists and paintings, and sign in with your google account to create and share your own artwork collections complete with details and notes.

See behind the scenes footage of the Art Project:

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February 10, 2011

"Sustainable Urban Living" (video review)

November the 15th Street - also known as Flower Street, Curitiba, Brazil
© Mathieu Bertrand Struck
Source: Wikipedia

Sustainable Urban Living: A South American Case Study
Produced by Peter Beeh

This narrated, straightforward presentation focuses on the urban development of Curitiba, Brazil and the tactics the city has employed to remain an environmentally friendly city despite its industrialization. The film relates five aspects that serve the city and its residents, and features interviews with Jaime Lerner, the architect who played a major role in implementing them.

Beginning with the recycling and garbage system in place since the 1980s, Curitiba has brought an open and innovative approach: for example, creating things such as libraries with thrown away books. Other innovative features include the Solution of the Parks, which helped the city's flood problem by turning riverbanks into park areas and creating lakes; the Integrated Transport, which includes a bus system with Curitiba and Volvo's joint invention of the bi-articulated bus; and the Green Exchange, a program designed to aid lower income residents. The final aspect covered is Curitiba's urban planning, and the inclusion of a mall at the heart of the city that is strictly a pedestrian area, encouraging life at the city center beneficial to shop owners and residents alike. Overall this brief film examines Curitiba as a healthy and vibrant urban center.

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February 08, 2011

Virtual Sistine Chapel

screen capture of upper wall of the Last Judgment, Sistine Chapel
© Vatican Museums
Source: Sistine Chapel, The Holy See

Experience the Sistine Chapel like never before with the Vatican website's new 360 experience providing astonishing views from floor to ceiling. Take a close look at Michelangelo's Last Judgment or Perugino's Handing over of the Keys, and gather a sense of the dimensions of the room and the magnificence of its entire decorative program.

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February 03, 2011

"Firenze Scomparsa-Forgotten Florence" (video review)

Firenze scomparsa: la città delle torri e l'antico centro religiso - Forgotten Florence: the medieval city its tower houses and lost cathedral

This DVD presents a look at medieval Florence through history, architecture and its leading families; available in Italian and English. The history is centered on the cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore and the uncovering of the preceding structure. Using CG models the film recreates the old cathedral, Santa Reparata (ca. 4th-5th century), which was replaced by Santa Maria del Fiore, beginning in 1296. CG models are also used to recreate the surrounding city as it would have looked in the medieval period. This is done using evidence from excavations of the old church underneath Santa Maria del Fiore as well as surviving frescoes that depict the church in its contemporary settings. The history and the original structure of the adjacent Baptistery of St. John is also examined, covering its beginnings as a small hexagonal building to the larger marble baptistery known today. The structures of other city buildings and city streets are also recreated with an emphasis on the abundant towers of the medieval city and their various functions and relations to the leading families of Florence. Overall the film aims to present the look and feel of medieval Florence through the recreation of its architecture.

This video is among the many available to borrow from Imageworks in the Art, Architecture and Engineering Library. Search for videos in Mirlyn or in our video database.

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