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March 25, 2011

"Beyond the Moon" (video review)

Astronaut Bruce McCandless during EVA
Source: NASA Images

Beyond the Moon: Failure is not an Option 2
A&E Television Networks
The History Channel

Covering the development of NASA and its space program from the moon landing to the present, this film addresses the major question of "what next?" Various projects launched by NASA, from the sky lab launched after landing on the moon to the first space shuttle, Columbia, are presented. Problems are addressed: the changes and developments in the technology and understanding of space missions as well as the changing goals; difficulties such as politics and funding as well as tragic failures such as the Challenger mission; and the difficult decision making process at mission control. Yet the recent successes are also related: from the creation of the International Space Station (ISS), to the repair of the Hubble Telescope, and the 2005 launching of the Discovery. Overall the presentation seeks to focus on the questions NASA faces today and how these shape, challenge and develop their historical and present drive for future space exploration.

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