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March 15, 2011

Modern Art Iraq Archive

[Title unknown], Widad Al-Orfali, 1991

Online Archive Educates and Encourages Public Participation to Trace Lost Works

"The Modern Art Iraq Archive (MAIA) was made public last week. MAIA started as the result of a long-term effort to document and preserve the modern artistic works from the Iraqi Museum of Modern Art in Baghdad, most of which were lost and damaged in the fires and looting during the aftermath of the 2003 US invasion of Iraq. As the site shows, very little is known about many of the works, including their current whereabouts and their original location in the Museum. The lack of documents about modern Iraqi art prompted the growth of the project to include supporting text. The site makes the works of art available as an open access database in order to raise public awareness of the many lost works and to encourage interested individuals to participate in helping to document the museum’s original and/or lost holdings..."

Via Access to Mideast and Islamic Resources (AMIR)

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