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April 14, 2011

"The Artist Toolbox: Isabel Allende" (video review)

Isabel Allende
© AP Photo/Eric Risberg
Source: AP Images

The Artist Toolbox: The Secrets of Creative Genius: Isabel Allende
WTTW National, American Public Television

In this volume of the series "The Artist Toolbox", hosted by John Jacobson, author Isabel Allende is interviewed about her experience as a writer and her creative process. Allende shares her passion for writing and her early beginnings as a writer working as a journalist in Chile. She discusses how her life experiences influence and inspire her novels and expounds on her writing techniques and working methods. Overall this engaging interview expresses the theme of this series: creativity and its expression through the arts.

This video is among the many available to borrow from Imageworks in the Art, Architecture and Engineering Library. Search for videos in Mirlyn or in our video database.

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